How to Design a Phae


How to Design a Phae

So You Want to Make a New Phae

Excellent! We always love seeing new designs, and new starters purchased with bacon or tokens is a fun and exciting way to add fresh blood to any area of the ARPG! Designing a new phae is fairly easy once you get the hang of it, so just follow this handy guide and you’ll be all set!


Before You Proceed

Please make sure you have:

  • Have the bacon or tokens you need to purchase your design! Without these, you won’t be able to do anything! (Alternatively, someone can buy what you need for you, but be sure they’ve submitted this via the Bacon Purchase Form or have transferred you the tokens you need via the Token Transfer Form or have purchased the genes or things you need via the Token Purchase Form)
  • The Adult Phae Design Lines downloaded to use for the design
  • A vague idea of what you want to design! Genes, colors, markings, etc. It’s always good to have an idea for a starting point!

Step 1: Pick a Color

All phae must have a base color! Depending on what you want or can afford, you may have a small, strict set of colors, or a wide, diverse set. We in RoE do not roll your coats for you. Instead, you are free to pick and choose what passes and what doesn’t! The world is your oyster when you are making phae! Just remember that all genes have a cost so please refer to the Bacon and Token Pricing Table for all the details. 


Example; a silver sooty bay phae would only cost a basic bacon or token because 3* basic genes is 1 point. While a silver sooty bay lilac would cost legendary because lilac costs ultra rare + 3* common genes equaling a total of 5 points.

Step 2: Pick Mutations (Optional)

Now depending on what you want, you may want to add some fun mutations to your phae! Below is a list of all available gene mutations and non-gene mutations. Please see Phae Colors and Phae Markings for more details about each one.


Dominant Gened Mutations; these are mutations that only need one gene present to be visible on the base coat of the phae.


  • Extended Dun (nDx or DxDx or DDx)
  • Restricted Gray (nGr or GrGr or GGr)
  • Winter Roan (nRnW or RnWRnW or RnRnW)
  • Wolf-Sooty (nStyW or StyWStyW or StyStyW)
  • Taffy (nT or TT)
  • Melanism (nM or MM)
  • Suppression (nS or SS)


Recessive Gened Mutations; these are mutations that need two copies of their gene to be seen on the base coat.


  • White Factor (wfwf/npt/ptpt or nlp/lplp to show, nwf/npt/ptpt or nlp/lplp carrier)
  • Mushroom (mumu to show, nmu carrier)
  • Lilac (chLchL to show, nchL or ChchL carrier)
  • Leucism (ll to show, nl carrier)


Please note; these recessive mutation genes affect markings not the base coat of the phae.


  • Watermark (wawa to show, nwa carrier) 
  • Swapped (swsw to show, nsw carrier)

Non Gened Mutations; these mutations have no gene that causes them, they appear randomly and can be passed on randomly.


  • Chimera 
  • Somatic 
  • Albino 
  • Brindle 
  • Birdcatcher Spots


Now that we’re done picking mutations, if you want any, we can move onto the next step!


Step 3: Add Markings (Optional)

Now depending on what you want, you may want to add a fun array of markings to your phae! Below is a list of all available free markings. Please see Phae Markings for more details about each one. Remember that watermark and swapped are mutations and not markings themselves. Marking options are completely free! You only need to pay for markings if you intend to add watermarked or swapped to them.


Markings Options;

  • Countershading Markings
    • Minimum Countershading (nCs)
    • Maximum Countershading (CsCs)
    • Minimum Reverse Countershading (nRc)
    • Maximum Reverse Countershading (RcRc)
    • Combination Countershading (CsRc)


  • Fawn Markings
    • Minimum Fawn Spots (nFwn)
    • Maximum Fawn Spots (FwnFwn)
    • Minimum Rosettes (nFwt)
    • Maximum Rosettes (FwtFwt)
    • Minimum Kudu (nFwk)
    • Maximum Kudu (FwkFwk)
    • Minimum Fawn Spot Kudu (FwnFwk)
    • Minimum Rosette Kudu (FwtFwk)


You do not need to have markings on your phae if you do not want to. You may skip this step if that is the case!


Step 4: Check Hoof/Eye layers/ eyelash color


This may seem like a small detail, but it can make a big impact on your design to have the incorrect hoof/eye layer or forget to color the lashes. Especially if you forgot to save a PSD (Photoshop Document) or CSPD (Clip Studio Paint Document) version of your design’s file. 


Please remember to color in the lashes of your design to match the color of their mane and tail. 


All phae’s eye, hoof, and skin color is based off their base coat color. There are a few mutation expectations, but we will first look at base coats.


All non-dilute, or single cream, bases (be they black, any bay, or chestnut) share brown eyes with dark grey/black skin and hooves. It does not matter if genes like sooty or flaxen are at play for they do not affect the eyes or skin.


Dilutes, however, have many different bases depending on which dilute is present. Here is a list of each dilute and their corresponding eye/hoof base coloring.

  • Double Cream Base; Blue eyes with soft pink hooves/skin
  • Champagne Base; Green, Hazel, or Amber eyes with a slightly red-oranged pink hooves/skin
  • Pearl Base; Slightly desaturated Green or Hazel eyes with a desaturated red-oranged pink hooves/skin
  • Cream-Pearl or Cream Champagne Base; Green, Green/Blue, or Hazel eyes with a beige-tinted shade of pink hooves/skin
  • Double Cream Champagne; Blue eyes with soft pink hooves/skin (Same as Double Cream)
  • Pearl Champagne Base; Slightly desaturated Green or Hazel eyes with a desaturated red-oranged pink hooves/skin (Same as Cream-Pearl)
  • Cream-Pearl Champagne Base; Green or Green/Blue eyes with a beige-tinted shade of pink hooves/skin (Same as Cream-Pearl)


There are a few mutations, both gened and non-gened, that can also affect the eye/hoof base of a phae. Some of these mutations only need one gene present, while others need two copies. Please refer to the above mutation list if you have questions as to which mutations those are.

  • Taffy; 
    • On non-dilutes; Taffy turns the eye gold and the skin a pink color, the skin is now so light, it can be seen through the base coat on the bottomline (Face, neck, belly, lower legs). 
    • On dilutes; Taffy turns the eyes silver and doesn’t really have an effect on the skin because it’s already diluted.
  • Leucism; This mutation dramatically lightens both the eyes and skin making them a paler version of the normal base coat color.
  • Mushroom; This mutation desaturates the eyes and will cause either light striping or light gradient on the hooves.
  • White Factor; This mutation depends on where this marking lays. Any place on the body covered by white factor is basically beached, removing the normal base coat color and leaving a lovely pink skin behind. If the white factor goes over the eyes, the eyes will turn blue. This mutation uses the Double Cream Base for its eyes/hooves.
  • Lilac; This mutation gives both eyes and skin a lavender or violet shade of coloring. Depending on what your base coat is, will determine what shade of lilac/purple your phae has.
  • Chimera; This mutation fully depends on the genes your phea has. Chimera is present when two embryos fuse in utero to form one fetus with multiple different coat colors and markings. Depending on the genes present will determine what eyes/hooves you need.
  • Somatic; This mutation is the opposite of white factor in that it doesn’t bleach the body but instead ‘turns off’ all genes leaving behind a shade of black hair. They often resemble paint markings like Tobino or Splash, it always has a sharp edge, no fading. This mutation uses Black/Chestnut (Non-Dilute) Base for its eyes/hooves.
  • Albino; Albinism is defined as a ‘congenital absence of pigment in the skin and hair and the eyes.’ This means any phae born albino has no color whatsoever. They all have red eyes, pink skin, and creamy white fur.


Step 5: Purchase Design

Ok! We are now officially done with our design! Lets tally up their price and figure how we are going to pay for them. For this, we will make a list under the Token or Bacon Purchases area of the information form.

Example; let’s say we have decided we have made a phae that is; 

Phenotype: Wild Silver Sooty Suppressed Taffy Psuedo Perlino Maximum Countershading Minimum Rosette Kudu (Flaxen and Lilac Carrier)

Genotype: Ee/A+a/ZZ/nSty/ff/Crprl/nchL/nT/nS/CsCs/FwtFwk

So let us list out the pricing for this cutie;

  • Firstly our black and wild bay (Ee/A+a) are free and don’t cost towards the coat of the design. 
  • Second, we count our base coat colors. Here we have +3 common genes* (Silver, Sooty, and Flaxen) and Cream-Pearl Base (Crprl), they cost separate from each other and cost us 1 point (or one Basic) and 4 points (or one Ultra Rare) giving us a total of 5 points (or Legendary) for our base coat. 
  • Thirdly, we now count each mutation, Taffy, Suppression, and Lilac carrier separately. Both Taffy and Suppression are uncommon mutations and would cost 2 points each. The Lilac carrier is a rare carrier and will cost us 3 points. This means your mutations will total to 7 points (or Legendary and Uncommon).
  • Fourly, markings do not cost so you can pick whatever you like for free!
  • Since markings do not cost, we can add up the base coat and the mutations to see how much our design is. So, 5 + 7 = 12 points total for our completed design! That is Two Legendaries and One Uncommon bacons or you can use any amount of tokens to buy. 


  • Example #1- Only Bacon; 

Token or Bacon Purchases

Purchase Log: 

All to be paid for with Bacon; Two Legendaries and One Uncommon


  • Example #2- Only Tokens;

Token or Bacon Purchases

Purchase Log:

Basic Token #1565 – 3 Common Genes/Basic Design
Ultra Rare Token #5896 – Cream-Pearl Base
Uncommon Token #1253 – Taffy Mutation
Uncommon Token #3695 – Suppression Mutation
Rare Token #2522 – Lilac Carrier

  • Example #3- Combining Bacon and Tokens; 

Token or Bacon Purchases

Purchase Log: 

Legendary Bacon – 3 Common Genes + Cream-Pearl Base
Uncommon Token#1253 – Taffy Mutation
Uncommon Token#1233 – Suppression Mutation
Rare Token #2522 – Lilac Carrier


Remember you can not combine tokens; two basic tokens do not make an uncommon token. Same goes with tokens and bacon, a basic bacon plus a basic token does not make an uncommon reward.


Step 6: it and Write it Up!

Finally! It seems like it’s taken forever to get here, but now is when it starts getting exciting! Upload your design to your storage and fill out the following form:


Registration Number

#0000 (leave blank until given to you by a mod)


Design Details



Eye Color:



Mane type: (put normal unless a trait has been purchased for this design)

Tail type: (put normal unless a trait has been purchased for this design)

Ear type: (put normal unless a trait has been purchased for this design)

Height type: (put normal unless a trait has been purchased for this design)



Played/Owned By:

Designed By:

Token or Bacon Purchases


Purchase Log:


You’re finally done! You can submit your design if you have the appropriate bacon and tokens!


Step 7: Submit!

In order to have your design processed, you must go to the appropriate journal Here and post to the Pinned Comment so that a moderator may look over your design!


A mod will comment back to you either confirming that your design is good to go and will be submitted, or offer suggestions to make sure the design fits in with our rules and regulations: Let’s say that your design is a touch too purple and saturated– a mod lets you know that you need to desaturate the design a little– you edit the design to be less purple and update the file (Follow a guide on how to do that without having to re-stash the design Here)


You fix it, and your design is approved! A moderator has commented letting you know you’ll see your design in your inbox soon!


Step 8: Design Processing

This is for the Moderators! There are a few things we do behind the scenes, including uploading your designs!


Step 9: Proffit!

Look at that! You have a notification in your inbox saying that you’ve been mentioned in your phae design as we have uploaded it on our admin account! There it is in all its glory, ready to be used!