Welcome to the Desert Isle

“A man is insensible to the relish of prosperity ’til he has tasted adversity.”

– – Saadi

About Dawnspire

Magic Types: Fire and Air

Typical Build: Slight to Lean

Typical Coat Color: Sand colors, golds, reds and browns. Darker coats are okay, but pink skin is pitied because of the likelihood of sunburn.

Typical Horn Type: Ranging from intricate and complex to simple and sturdy.

Typical Traits: Proud, Industrious, Show-Offs, Hedonists, Frivolous, Family Oriented, Creative, Lively, Stubborn, Resilient, Social.

Once believed to be the herd that had drawn the shortest straw of fate and environment, the resilient phae of the Desert are now renowned for their uncanny perseverance and shrewd business acumen. They have evolved from surviving to thriving in their circumstances due to their tenacity, keen trade strategies, and cultivating masterful artisans. A proud kind, and rightfully so, though perhaps less subtle in expressing it than they like to believe.

Despite their sometimes boastful actions and trade-oriented thinking, they are a very cordial and family oriented society. Their survival has hardened them to a certain degree, so kin will always come first to any phae in serious matters but they are welcoming to anyone willing to do their part. Anyone found leeching without working or contributing to the economy, be it visitors or inhabitants, without good reason is quick to fall out of social grace and possibly face consequences.

Having learned to use every resource within their grasp to turn their herd’s tide, they discovered the usefulness of their magic in combination with keen spatial insight to hone the profession of architecture. Later outsourcing their architects to different herds for trade and compensation, which was greatly responsible for their growth in wealth and resources, they began to connect magic to power and prosperity. This is why the herd is also particularly invested in getting those with different magics to join their ranks. On the other side of the coin, the Phae learned that practical and learned skills were of great importance and thereby invest immensely in tutoring and education. They encourage anyone to find their niche, whether it be a trade, craft, or intellectual specialty.

Just as they believe in the importance of hard work, they believe celebration and recreation to be essential. To endure dire circumstances or muster the strength for tireless work, the energy must be cultivated through indulging in simple joys and festivities.


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Location, Territory, and Climate

The Desert is massive and all encompassing, taking up at least 80% of the island’s land mass. The golden sand has a red hue to it when it whips up in the winds and glimmers a faint ruby shade even when settled in massive dunes. To a phae unfamiliar with the landscape, this sea of sand is a death sentence. Water is nearly non-existent and to get lost in the changing tide of gold and red is a mistake you can not afford to make. 

Snaking its way from the north a massive river cuts its way through the red clay and sand. From this river springs not only life but greenery in great amounts. Palms and even modest forests grow from where the water remains the most reliable, making small oases in some places and even growing into rapids in others. Halfway through the river it widens, amassing into a large lake that is a reliable water source year round. From this lake the heart of the herd beats. Despite the changing weather, dry and wet seasons, water can always be found here. 

It’s from the lands surrounding the river the Primary rules and the expansive capital city lies. The vast majority of the population lives here, crafting, building and living their lives amidst the flood of color and the city’s vivacity. Surrounded in fertile ground and modest forest, the phae here have learnt to work with what the land provides and mastered it.

The river still provides opportunities for many, both north and south. Farmers find these lands the most desirable as the yearly flooding of the river brings fertile soil over the banks of the river and allows for crops to be planted and grown!

The weather around the Great River is dependable, usually never too hot thanks to the cooling water but prone to flooding in the rainy season. The desert itself is scorching hot during the day and a poorly prepared traveler can cook in a matter of hours. 

At night, the desert plummets into near freezing temperatures. Phae blessed with fire magic are essential in open areas to survive the freeze. Shelter can sometimes be found in rocky, red stone mountains and outcroppings of rock but only to those who know where to look.


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Nehme, deity of wind, flight, and mercy.

Nehme is an adoring, peaceful Goddess, one that is believed to be the mother of the phae that call the desert their home. She had blessed the desert with a haven, a place that her children can rest and call home. It is said that it was her who erected the towering plateaus of the desert, providing much needed shaded areas from the blistering sun. Without her gentle guidance of Zemides, the phae of Dawnspire believe their fate would be a much bleaker one. Many also believe that she created the walls and towers that surround the Citadel in days long past to protect her children from the unforgiving sands of the Desert. However, many caution not to view her as a soft god willing to forgive and coddle all. Though rare, her wrath too is the stuff of legends.

Althene, deity of the sun, the desert, tenacity, and war.

Althene is a harsh Goddess that values strength and cunning. There is no room for weakness in her eyes as only the strong deserve to live and call the desert their home. After watching her former lover bless the desert with a haven for the herd, she decided she would have her own back on her ex’s beloved people. The sun that once warmed the herd became hotter and hotter, burning up the rivers and lakes that had once flowed out from the lake and waterfalls. In retribution Nehme created the plateaus and the two have been at odds on their philosophies ever since.

Zemides, deity of water, rain, and compassion.

Zemides is but a young deity, still adapting to the responsibility of godhood. At times, their thoughts can scatter and they become forgetful of the tasks at hand. They can misplace what areas rain is destined to fall, whereby wind is always a precursor to any rainfall in the Desert as Nehme gently attempts to guide the god to the correct destinations. Feeling a protective empathy towards the Phae of the Desert, Zemides often tries to create Oases but often forgets or misplaces them resulting in the occurrence of disappearing, reappearing and Oases that change locations.

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A class system exists in the desert herd, which is primarily based upon bloodline. These classes come with a title that will commonly proceed with the given name of the individual in said class. These classes do not define the jobs that phae in the desert may have, and any class of phae may have any job available in the herd. All herd members are expected to work and contribute to the herd’s success. To not work is considered a great shame upon the individual.

However, the herd strongly believes that hard work should be rewarded with abundant celebration. As such, there are many occasions for festivals and parties all year round. The Phae of Dawnspire truly go all out in these celebrations with elaborate decorations, clothes, market stalls, music, food, drink, and entertainment painting the towns, cities, and Citadel in color and liveliness. 

Another important cultural phenomenon for the herd is their sport. All phae, and especially those of higher class, are incredibly invested in their Falconry and raising birds of their own is a point of pride for many herd members. Celebrations, shows, and yearly competitions are held for this sport alone making it one of the most popular downtime activities phae spend their time on between their work. Quality and obedience of birds, exotic colors are culturally symbols of wealth and success. Some merchants specialize themself in breeding, training, and raising birds to sell to the different houses.

The herd is known for its hospitality and the Phae of the Desert take this to new extremes. Ever since they discovered the value of a varied populace in skill and talents, they have made it a point to make an artform out of welcoming outsiders. In part because they know the importance of outside relations to their survival and also because they wish to grow their numbers with those that might fill their workforce niches. Thereby, committing a crime against a visitor or guest is weighed more heavily than crime amongst herd members. These consequences for the Phae is more drastic not because the Dawnspire herd values their own as lesser but because they are aware of the domino effect that crime against an outsider could potentially cause towards their essential trade routes, agreements, or opinions of the other herds towards them. 

To navigate the delicate etiquette of Dawnspire is no easy feat for an outsider. In fact, most herds have to study it extensively, consistently consult their emissaries, or even dedicate entire sections of their archive or library to it as is the case for Mirroweld (e.g. always entering a house or bowing with the right hoof forward).  As they place such high importance on being cordial, should they take a dislike to any individual they can be incredibly witty and underhanding in tactics of insulting one another or even a guest. Finding obscure, subtle, and elaborate ways of showing one’s disdain is therefore another popular sport among the herd. One of the most popular methods is gift giving.


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Current Leaders

Primary – Superior Alykhan (NPC)

Regent – Superior Serapha (NPC)

Steward of Magicka – Noble Quorra (NPC)

Steward if Militia – Tema (NPC)

Steward of Trade – Regal Ophir (NPC)

Steward of Erudition – Regal Yael  (NPC)


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