OC Universe Creation

About OC Universe Creation

One unique aspect to Elaphaea is that we allow our members to create their own universe to play in with their Phae! Phae can also play in universes created by others, so long as they are allowed by the group’s creator and proper credit is given back to the Realm of Elaphaea group. As with creating OC characters, OC universe creation is open ended and you are free to do basically anything you’d like! OC universes are not necessary to create to play with OC phae, but they are available to players with a knack for world building!

If you do want to create an OC universe for your Phae, we have a few guidelines for you to follow.

  1. You may create a separate group (on dA, Toyhou.se, google drive, etc) for your OC universe. Just make sure to properly credit and link back to the Realm of Elaphaea group so others can find us.
  2. Do not explicitly copy the IP of other people or remake the Realm of Elaphaea art roleplay game. You can create AUs with your characters, but please do not copy other player’s characters, storylines, or Elaphaea’s information (including maps, herd politics, etc).
    1. Avoid pulling directly from movies, books, video games, comics, etc. when making your OC universe. If there is an aspect of one that you like, find a way to incorporate it while using your imagination to change it and make it your own!
    2. You may use the skill systems and magic types from Elaphaea- those are by no means unique to only our group.
  3. Do not create a copy of the ARPG previously known as “The Western Isles” in Fawnlings. We will not accept a universe or characters modelled after it under any circumstances.


Have an Idea?

Do you have an idea for an OC universe? We would absolutely love to see it! But first, consider the following:

  1. Will your universe be open to other players?
    1. If so, how can they join?
  2. Does your universe have a skill system?
  3. Are there any unique characteristics to the Phae that exist in your universe?
  4. Are there politics involved?
  5. What size are the Phae in your universe?
  6. Are there any predators?
  7. What intelligence level do Phae have in your universe?


If you’re ready to proceed with your idea, all you have to do is submit a journal to the group with the basic info for your OC universe! An OC or gallery mod will then review it and give you any comments or feedback. Usually, we won’t have too much to say, though!

Try to provide as much information about the OC universe as possible, especially if you want others to participate. Aspects of the universe to consider include 


Universe Creation Form

Copy this form into a dA journal and fill it out before submitting it to the group. You may, of course, add more information than we have listed on the form, just be sure to include all of the fields somewhere.


Contact person/creator:  

Open to join?: 



Height Ranges: 


Current Members: 


Joining another User’s Universe

If you wish to join another user’s OC universe, you must receive permission from the owner of the OC before making a character. Be sure to use the information they provide, and submit it to them for approval. Once approved by the universe owner you can then submit the profile to the Realm of Elaphaea group! Be sure to include a link to the OC universe that character belongs to in the character’s profile.

Click here to see the gallery of submitted OC Universes.


OC Characters in OC Universes Submission Process

  1. Design must be accepted and uploaded to the RoE-Admin account for a character profile to be created. (except when going through the Design Pool)
  2. The OC Universe journal must be accepted into the group.
  3. The OC character must be accepted into the RoE group gallery.
  4. The OC character can then be submitted to their appropriate group of choice (if applicable; OC worlds do not have to have a group.)
  5. Then RPs may be created and submitted to the RoE group and any corresponding OC Universe group.