Welcome to the Shattered Isles


“Fate is never fair. You are caught in a current much stronger than you are; struggle against it and you’ll drown not just yourself but those who try to save you. Swim with it and you’ll survive”

-Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

About Mirroweld


Magic Types: Illusionism and Empathy

Typical Build: Slight, Lean, or Balanced

Typical Coat Color: Lilac, blue, gray, black, silver and white coats are considered beautiful and a representation of their gods. Kudu markings are also revered. No major importance is placed on coat color.

Typical Horn Type: Intricate and fine

Typical Traits: Philosophical, patient, religious, inquisitive, hypocritical, prideful, pacifists

The herd is divided in territory but largely united in their society. The inhabitants of the shattered islands live a mostly monastic lifestyle, valuing balance, knowledge, integrity, and honor above all else. They are highly spiritual and philosophical phae and see their gods as guides who walk beside them on the path to self discovery and understanding of the world around them. 

Their biggest belief is that all things require balance and that fawns should be brought up to understand there are no inherent good or bad choices, but rather that each choice has a consequence. Whilst they find physical mastery important for survival and inner stillness, they place a much larger emphasis on the training of the mind. They spend large amounts of time on reflection, study, and self-mastery.

However well intended these values are, the society can be hypocritical in their beliefs around balance. They are often ill adjusted in faster-paced surroundings. The beliefs and lifestyles of other herds are often overwhelming upon first encounter. They claim to accept and respect all individuals for their skills and inherent spiritual value but can sometimes subtly favor the brighter star among a group of young fawns. One of their biggest downfalls is the identity they attach to their knowledge and often wanting to be right.

Despite their shortcomings, they are an overall accepting and patient people if a little hermitic and awkward towards the outside world. They value integrity and honor and the pursuit of a study or craft specialism, but also tend to be quite competitive, desiring to be the best in their chosen craft. They can be quick to overanalyze and pull apart others’ way of thinking or living, but are much more reticent when it comes to discussing the flaws in their own logic and reasoning.


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Location, Territory, and Climate

The climate of the Shattered Isles is largely based upon east and southeast Asia. Flora and fauna of this territory take after those present in Japan and South Korea, with influences from Thailand and Vietnam.

Generally, the climate is mild. It can be characterized as monsoonal with some humid and subtropical areas. Sunhigh is often prone to sudden onslaughts of heavy rainfall, while Frostfall can be extremely cold and snowy.

The largest dangers this herd face are in the form of predators such as the Indochinese tiger, who often prey upon young fawns. Winters can also be dangerous, as the temperatures can drop below -20 Celsius. 

The Shattered Island borders only the Desert Isle, and they have generally acceptable relations with their neighbors. Because many isles exist between the two territories, border skirmishes are a foreign concept, and true fighting has not happened for centuries. 

The other herds are generally regarded with equanimity, neither with favor or with hatred. Though, they may be seen as lesser in terms of self-control and mastery.


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Izmir, god of the Arcane

Izmir is the god of patience, knowledge, balance, and the arcane (considered ‘mental magics’). He is seen as a mentor to the herd who aids in their discovery of self knowledge and the world around them. Both he and his partner are responsible for the creation of empathy and illusion magic.


Nué, goddess of Dreams

Nué is the goddess of dreams and hope, but not just of the good facets of those domains. She is as much a balance of her aspects as Izmir and the two of them are seen as interlinked to the very core in both their gifts and their influence. She is the kindness to Izmir’s rationality and he is the reason to her ideations.


Vronne, god of Ambition

Vronne is the god of corruption, ambition, and power. Ultimately, he is a representation of the seven deadly sins, and can take on the aspects of avarice, envy, wrath, sloth, gluttony, lust and pride depending on his mood. His worship is considered taboo, as his role in the history of Mirroweld is a tragic one.


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It is well known that the herd is a stickler for traditions and ceremonies. Though they are not entirely adverse to changing them if they no longer serve a purpose, they may need some time adjusting if they do get changed. Some more important traditions include the Passage of Transcendence and the Ingress which mark an individual’s steps towards adolescence and personal growth. 


Ceremonies and Rituals

Ceremonies and Rituals are also important to the herd as a whole more for the intent and sentiment behind them than the actual execution of them. The Overture is seen as one of the most important ceremonies as it reflects their values and gives thanks to the pantheon as a whole in the hopes to maintain their positive relations. Other key ceremonies include the Wake of Stillness for internal reflection and the consecutive Turnover Revelry as a celebration of the past and the new that awaits them in the coming year.



The herd attempts to be as inclusive as they can in their values but may falter in believing certain strengths are more important than others in an individual (e.g. intelligence over brawn) and can suffer in the undercurrent of ingrained competitiveness that is by and large not acknowledged. Whilst they may not discriminate about someone’s looks, beliefs, gender, capabilities, and origins, the underlying message that those at the top of their profession or chosen skill are respected/valued more can be more harmful than they often care to admit. 

Whilst they preach balance, patience, and self knowledge they can often be blinded to certain hypocrisies they can create in doing so. They don’t tend to enjoy being wrong about something but make it a point that being wrong is a crucial part of learning. In integrating action and consequence in their society they often miss the weight and influence of the finer social nuances in situations and can be too quick to want to explain or rationalize a situation that involves a lot of complicated emotions or social problems.


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Current Leaders

Arch MagisterEnon (NPC)

Grand Master Donai (NPC) – Artisan Background 

Grand Master Tarvair (NPC) – Sentry Background 

Grand Master Zanteu (NPC) – Healer and Trader Background

Grand Master Vatil (NPC) – Scholar Background


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