Meet the Staff

The first role of the RoE staff is to always assist the members and promote a positive environment for all members. This group is meant to possess a relaxed and fun environment, and you should never feel pressured to have to participate! That being said, the mods are here to help and here to have fun as well 8D! If you ever have any questions, don’t be afraid to note the group! The piggies behind the scenes are ready to help!

What does a Mod of RoE do?

RoE Mods do everything behind the scenes! That includes accepting gallery pieces, reading roleplays, reviewing character applications, writing journals, working on ideas and designs, and so, so much more! A lot goes into keeping this group running smoothly, and we are always trying our best to keep the flow of acceptance at a steady pace.

RoE Mods have monthly voice-chat meetings in our discord server to touch base and discuss ideas that have either been presented to us, come up in the suggestions box, or improvements on the mod-side of things! Rest assured that your ideas are valued and talked about, whether in chat or at one of these meetings!

How do I become a Mod of RoE?

Whenever the group needs more help, we will post an announcement in a journal stating which areas need Mods the most. Most often we’re looking for Herd Mods who are willing to look over references and discuss plots or Gallery Mods who can help answer notes and accept submissions. If these interest you, keep an eye on the announcements and look out for a notice!


Meet the Piggies

The Mod team is comprised of several tiers of Piggies. These are based upon amount of experience, dedication to the group, and time spent on the Mod team. All Piggies participate in gallery work of some form, regardless of their level of Pigginess! The RoE Mod team is extremely relaxed and if you become a Mod you are welcome to move about and try new things! Learning is the best part of the job, and the goal is to have every Piggie in a job they love!  

The Ancient Pigs

Ancient Pigs are those Mods who’ve been rolling about the inbox mud for as long as they can remember! Ancient Pigs are also referred to as the Senior Mods. Between them all is a vast amount of knowledge and experience and they are responsible for managing the group. They’re old farts, the lot of ‘em. If you’re ever uncomfortable dealing with a certain Mod or have sensitive topics to bring up, the Ancient Pigs are here to help <3! You’ll find a rotation of these Mods to message on the Homepage.


The Big Pigs

These Piggies also have quite the experience load between them! Savvy in the ways of the bacon and knowledgeable in the ways of the game, you’ll find them assisting in Mod training, doing bacon or token notes, and dabbling in all areas of the inbox! They do everything a Piglet does with bacon duties tacked on!



These Piggies are happily rolling about the inbox mud, wild and free! They are all experienced and handle anything and everything within their Herd or Gallery areas including plot notes. Piglets also help train new Mods and are often mentors to the baby Jr. Piglets.


Jr. Piglets

Jr. Piglets are mods in training 8D! These loveable oinkers are learning the ways of the RoE Mods and are being trained to become Piglets!


Piggy Interns

Piggy Interns are brought on to help with special projects! New Mods will likely be chosen from among the ranks of interns if they do a great job on their project.