Economy in The Archipelago


Most of the economy within the Archipelago currently comes from the trade of goods and services that are valued at the same level of usefulness, quality, rarity, or quantity.


For example, Phae can trade crafting materials or food items that would equate to about the same amount of materials or effort in obtaining them as the item they are trying to trade for.


Each player needs to track their character’s own materials and items in a google drive excel sheet (or another similar system on a character’s profile or other tracker) and link it under Inventory on their profile. Players are responsible for keeping this up to date for their characters, taking into account trades and acquisitions. 


  • Players can make use of the group’s Inventory Tracker Template or customize their own. Please follow the naming convention Character’s Name – Inventory Tracker – Profile Link for the excel in google drive.
  • For every RP, art, or literature piece a player submits for acquiring materials, the mods will roll a random amount generator and leave a comment on the deviation with what the character has gained.
  • Each player must link the comment next to their items in their excel trackers for verification the item has been gained (if acquired through bacon/tokens a  note must be left of when the bacon purchase was made or token number).
  • When crafting an item, players must fill out the Crafting Form for item approval and the mods will then turn said item into a token that can be applied to a character or traded with other characters.


We ask that each player does so respectfully and without trying to cheat the system, being mindful and fair towards the players they are trading with. If items are traded for comparably less value than they are worth as an in-game story point, this is completely fine as long as both players consent to the transaction. 


If there is ever any question of difficulties with deciding whether a trade is reasonable for both parties, players can note the group to weigh in on the logistics of the trade but are not required to do so and can come to an agreement amongst themselves.

Players can also refer to The Crafting Guide to see the different tiers of items and materials to gauge their worth!