OC Breeding

Want an adorable, newborn fawn to play around with? The best way to go about getting such a lovely creature is to breed a phae in-game. That means picking out a sire and a dam, designing and registering your bouncing baby when they arrive!


For the rules that apply to all breedings, please see the main Breeding page. To submit an OC breeding, click here to access the Breeding Submission Form. For OC phae, there are no exceptions to these rules. While your OCs may have access to advanced technology, the danger rolls will still apply for twin, triplet and height difference breedings.


OC breedings do differ in a few ways:

  • they do not have a set rut period. OC phae may breed at any time unless otherwise announced by the group.
  • they do not have a limit on how many times they can be bred. Breed to your heart’s content!
  • there may be a restriction on how many OC breedings you can submit in one month. Please check the home page for the latest update on breeding restrictions.


Foal Design Unlock

Designs belonging to fawns bred with OCs may not automatically be used in the other two universes. In order for a fawn’s design to be unlocked to be used in RoE or HARPG, they must:

  • Have a registered reference with the group
  • Have reached Craftsman UP level (may be purchased with bacon or achieved through roleplay)

Read more on unlocking OC fawn designs here.