Dawnspire Politics & Laws

Political System

Dawnspire works on a class system, with an overall ruler elected from the noble houses. The ruler holds the most power within the herd, with their Regent being considered second in command. Beneath the Primary and Regent, the Stewards oversee different areas of the herd and are in charge of the citizens within their specializations. Though the Stewards oversee many trials and decisions, important matters will be decided on by the primary and their regent alone with their word being final.


How to Become a Ruler

The primary is voted on by the whole herd, with each noble house able to nominate a member for the election. Elections take place over a season – half for campaigning, and the other for votes to be made. These take place every 3 years. Campaigns tend to be extravagant shows of wealth and influence, with discussion of how they would increase prosperity for the herd as a whole. It is not uncommon for a successful leader to remain the primary for successive terms, although the maximum time allowed as Primary is 9 years.

Stewards are selected by the Primary at the start of their term, however are open for challenge during the term of the Primary if the applicant makes a strong enough case. The current Steward has the opportunity to defend their position in the event of a challenge and the outcome will be put to a mod vote with input from the Primary, weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each application and considering the character’s eligibility as a whole.

See Dawnspire’s Rank Journal &  Special Positions Journal Page for more information.


Herd Laws

  1. You must not inflict grievous harm onto others.
  2. No fighting will occur outside of rut and training sessions.
  3. Everyone must contribute to the herd in some way, unless incapable of working due to physical/mental illness approved by a physician.
  4. You must not vandalise or damage another’s property.
  5. You must not steal from another phae.
  6. No harm will be done upon adolescents (any phae under 5 years old).
  7. Engaging or trading at the Black Market is forbidden.
  8. Selling or trading information about the inner workings of the herd to other herds is high treason.
  9. Tampering with any of the temples or shrines is highly disrespectful and illegal.
  10. Inflicting grievous injury to any superior ranking Phae is considered high treason.
  11. Intolerance towards a herd member due to their sexual, romantic, religious, or gender orientations will not be accepted.
  12. Fraudulent identities or materials gained under fraudulent pretenses are illegal and punishable by law.


Punishment System

Dawnspire is a materialistic society, and this shows in their punishment system. Many crimes are resolved through compensation – either with goods, or through services rendered to the victim. In cases where the perpetrator has no means to pay, or for some more major crimes, they are put to work in the sandstone mines. The stewards can sometimes choose to demote a phae for their actions. Execution is a punishment only for the most serious crimes, and can only be passed by the Primary.

The severity of Punishment of any crime will be more detrimental if commited against an outsider or visitor of the herd.


Minor Crimes & Associated Punishment

  • Theft
    • Compensation
    • Sent to Saltspine in cases where the perpetrator cannot pay for 1 season.
    • -5 reputation points (-7 reputation if committed against an outsider/guest)
  • Fighting outside of rut season and training
    • Manual labour at the discretion of the Primary.
    • -5 reputation points (-7 reputation if committed against an outsider/guest).
  • Vandalism/Damage to Property
    • Repair of damaged property if possible/cleaning up the acts of vandalism
    • Monetary compensation if repair 
    • -10 reputation points (-12 reputation if committed against an outsider/guest)
  • Engaging with the Black Market.
    • Manual labour at the discretion of the Primary.
    • -10 reputation points (-12 reputation if committed against an outsider/guest)
  • Fraud of identity or acquiring items/monetary value through fraudulent means.
    • Sent to the Saltspine mines in severe cases of fraudulent activity for 2 years.
    • Manual labour at the discretion of the Primary.
    • -15 reputation points (-17 reputation if committed against an outsider/guest)
  • Not working to contribute to the herd without a permit from a physician.
    • -15 reputation points
    • Potential class demotion.


Major Crimes & Associated Punishment

  • Inflicting grievous harm on another Phae.
    • Sent to Saltspine for 5 years.
    • Class Demotion
    • -30 reputation points (-32 reputation if committed against an outsider/guest)
    • Banishment from the Citadel, Tellurion Harbour, and Valsari (if the injury is extreme enough)
  • Murder
    • Execution (usually only in cases of multiple murders)
    • Class Demotion 
    • Sent to Saltspine permanently.
    • -40 reputation points (-42 reputation if committed against an outsider/guest)
  • Treason
    • Execution or Banishment from Dawnspire’s entire territory.


Means of Conviction

When a crime is alleged to have occured, it is dealt with in a trial. The highest ranking available member of an unaffiliated house will hear both sides of the story and make a judgement based on their understanding of the event.

More serious crimes may be escalated to being heard by the stewards and, in the most severe cases, may be overseen by the primary themselves. Crimes only go before the primary if it is seen as an execution case, as they are the only ones able to pass this judgement.


Means of Imprisonment

Phae are sent to the Saltspine mines as a means of imprisonment, as they are confined to the living facilities there at the outpost and required to work 6 hours a day without many freedoms. They are supplied with basic food and water and watched over by Centurions.