Auctions & Events

Every so often, the group will hold special auctions and events for designs, traits, tokens, and items! Sometimes these are timed around holidays, other times, it will be for no reason at all! Keep an eye on the group to see when auctions and events are released. They might be journals or gallery submissions!



Sometimes the group will hold auctions for rare designs, traits, tokens, and items. These types of auctions vary in requirement and prize, but are always put to moderator vote to decide the outcome.


Some auctions include, but are not limited to:


Design Auctions

Auctions held for moderator-designed designs! These designs often contain rare or sought after traits, genes, stat boosts, or other additions to make them unique! Frequently, they will be held with art or literature requirements, but sometimes (frequently around halloween) there are “flash auctions” that happen quickly, within 1-2 weeks of the end date! Sometimes these are raffle based, other times, it’s utilized dA Muro. 


All design auctions are designed by moderators, and every member is free to participate in them! There is also frequently no limit on how many designs may be tried for, but a user may only win one from any given auction.


Character Auctions

Sometimes the moderator team will come up with NPC characters that can be auditioned for! These auctions tend to be a little more effort driven, as the NPCs have historically been in important positions that needed filling. A requirement of literature or art is needed for entry, and all character auctions are effort based. The moderation team will put their heads together and decide a winner from these auctions. 


Premade characters or NPCs generally have pre-rolled stats, or come with other perks of playing them besides their status in a herd! Premade characters also frequently come with personalities and ideas to help make the application process easier, and for applicants to get a feel of who they might want to play. They also come with designs that may or may not be rare, have rare traits, or come with rare items. Sometimes they also come with a rough sketch of how they look, complete with scars, items, mane and tail style, and horns! All players are able to audition for these characters, but should bear in mind, especially if they are in an important rank, that they should be able to continue to keep activity up if they win!


These auctions are generally more infrequent than design auctions, but be sure to keep an eye out! 


Member-Hosted Auctions


Sometimes, generous members will host auctions! These can be, but are not limited to: Design auctions, premade character auctions, breeding auctions, token auctions, and design-your-own character auctions. These auctions are not run by moderators, and are up to the player’s discretion. 


No auctions ever held by the group or members will include real currency (unless the group is hosting a fund-raising event). No member or group auctions may be held that have an entry fee besides art and writing. No tokens may be used to enter auctions, and token auctions may only be held for use of the token, not to “sell” it for gain or profit.



In RoE, we love to host special things for our members! You can count on interactive events multiple times throughout the year for interesting and fun goodies!


Some events include, but are not limited to:


Phaemas Designs/ Stat boost


Every year around the holiday season, members are allowed to request 1 uncommon design to be designed by a mod and uploaded near the end of the season. The design can be upgraded to rare with use of a basic bacon purchase or token. 


Alternatively, members can request a stat boost token if they do not have any designs they want to have made! Historically, these were 2 10 point stat boost tokens to be applied as members saw fit.


In-world events

Intermittently throughout the year, the group will host in-world events! These events include a prompt for you and your phae to respond to! Sometimes it’s a small, non-concerning thing (such as a particularly thick mist rolling through the territories they occupy) other times, it’s on a much larger scale (sometimes a reaction event to something that has changed within the world, such as a declaration of war).


Whatever the event, players are rewarded for responding to the prompt! All players who participate in the event are granted a multiple choice basic token at a minimum. Frequently, event responses are entries into raffles to win special tokens or items! Some events may limit entries, others may have the opportunity to enter as many times (or with as many characters) as the player likes! 


Events like this can be lighthearted (an easter egg hunt or a search for a mythical beast) or deadly serious (a response to a herd splinter or political upheaval) Requirements for entries into raffles like this are usually a 500 word minimum or a headshot with a background. (pls fact check me)


New Trait Raffles


When the group introduces new traits or genes, everyone wants in! Oftentimes, the introduction of these cool new additions comes with a raffle, auction, or giveaway! These are most often held with a prompt to enter (eg. What is your most cherished memory of the group/who is your favorite character and why?) and all a player needs to do to enter is to reply to the pinned comment! These are always randomly generated and rolled, so everyone has an equal shot at the new traits! As with auctions, players may enter for as many designs/traits as they want, but only may receive one. 


Judging and Event Closure


All effort auctions will be run through the judges after the closure date. Usually, the judgment timeline takes one month to make sure every mod gets to have their vote counted. To keep judging impartial and fair, if a mod has entered an auction themselves, they will be exempt from voting. 


Raffles and randomly rolled events and auctions will usually be dealt with and have the results posted within one week of their closure. 


No events or auctions will ever require real currency to enter. This has only occurred once in the past when a member needed serious aid, and all of the proceeds for token purchases went to the fundraiser to help the member. Events like this are rare, but occasionally happen to raise funds for someone in need or to help fund group costs.