How do I get a Phae?

How do I get a Phae?

So you are interested in getting a phae of your own? Hooray! Welcome to the group!


Getting your own phae is as easy as:

  1. Get a design
  2. Make a reference

#1 – Getting a Design

There are a number of ways to get a Phae all of your own; whether you want to create a starter from scratch, breed one from existing phae, or even adopt one in need of a new home. Click the link in the title to learn more about each different way to get a design!


Already have a design? Then skip on down to the next section!



If you were previously involved with the Fawnlings group, you may bring your Fawnling designs into RoE for free! You will have to move your design onto our lines and update their geno- and phenotypes. Grandfathering will always be open.


The Design Pool 

This is the easiest way to get a phae, allowing you to create a character from scratch. Create a profile, submit it via the form, and choose one of the available designs once it has been approved. Simple!



Occasionally, the group will hold auctions for characters which are not normally able to be obtained through the design pool. These may be higher rarity, hold special ranks, or even be wild cards where you can let your imagination run wild. 


Bacon or Token Designs

If you have enough bacon to purchase a design, or a design token, you are able to make your own custom design. Use the design guides and create the design on the template, submit the design to and to the design team via the google sheet. Once it is accepted and in the group you can go ahead and make a character using the design.


Returned Characters

Returned characters are fully formed characters that have been returned to the group to find a new owner. These characters often have pre-existing links within the group, or at least some history, and could range from fawns to full-fledged adults.


Wanted Characters

Depending on the population skew in our RPG, sometimes we will need some more characters of certain ranks! These characters often come with build in bonuses like skill boosts or rare magics!



If you don’t want an adult phae, or want a character with family and connections, breeding a fawn from pre-existing characters may be the way to go!


Transferred Characters

Sometimes, members will give their characters to other members. Once the character has officially been transferred across you can submit their reference and start playing with them.

#2 – Making a Reference

A reference (aka profile) is traditionally a piece of artwork that shows your character’s appearance plus a form in the artist’s comments that describes them and lists their relations, past RPs/artwork and achievements.  


Every phae must have a reference to be official. Without one, their artwork and RPs will not be accepted by the group.


To make a reference, decide which universe you’d like to join by visiting the different universe pages! These will detail how to get started in RoE, HARPG, or in your own OC world.

  1. Get started in RoE
  2. Get started in HARPG
  3. Get started in OCs