What are Phae?

So, what is a Phae?

A Phae is a fictional animal inspired by deer and unicorns. It looks a lot like this!



Please click the image for a larger version!

Builds, Shapes, and Sizes

Phae come in many shapes and sizes, depending on where they come from. There tends to be a range of set sizes for HARPG Phae and those found in the RPG world of RoE. Phae in OC worlds can vary in size depending on the creator of those worlds!

The phae have five set builds to describe physical physique.

  • Slight (Light); Phae with a slight build are very dainty, and appear as though a strong wind could blow them over.
  • Lean (Light/Medium); Phae with a lean build are more solid than the slight build but are still slighter compared to balanced.
  • Balanced (Medium); Phae with a balanced build are neither slight nor stocky but have perfect balance. 
  • Sturdy (Medium/Heavy); Phae with a sturdy build are thicker all around.
  • Stocky (Heavy); Phae with a stocky build are chunky things with a lot of bulk.

Phae are measured in hands like modern horses, from the top of the shoulder to the base of their hoof. All phae stand between 6hh and 14hh, no matter where they are from or what their bloodline is. (This only applies to TEA and HARPG, OC worlds may have different heights) With traits, height can be added and subtracted depending on which they have.

More on the variation of Phae can be found on the Morphology page!