Transferring Characters and Designs

Sometimes, a design or character just doesn’t speak to you anymore and you’d like to give it away. Or you just don’t have the time to play anymore. Or, you’re looking to surprise a friend. Or any number of different scenarios; it all boils down to you wanting to transfer the ownership of a design or character to another player. A design without any characters assigned to them can be surrendered to be rehomed at the group’s discretion. How do you do it?


It’s as easy as filling out a quick google form! Click here to fill out the Transferring Characters and Design form.


Please bear in mind, only the current owner of a design/character can transfer it. Notes from previous owners, recipients, or other third-party players are not accepted – it has to be sent in by the current owner!


REMEMBER:  If a design has already been used for a character, you MUST transfer the whole character. The name, gender, height, age, personality and history must remain the same.