The Design Pool

The easiest way to get started with phae is to adopt a design from the design pool. The design pool is open for anyone and everyone! You don’t have to own a phae to apply, and there is no cost! These designs come pre-approved, and are just waiting to become your next character!

To get started, all you need to do is follow the steps below! Before proceeding, please keep the following guidelines in mind: 

  1. Please be patient with the mods!  An application may take a few weeks to be processed, not including revisions. 
  2. You may only apply for one character every month! After your first submission, you must wait one month before you may send in another. This goes from the date of first submission and includes any applications you decide to withdraw while it is pending.
  3. Please do not choose a design before your character has been accepted. Because the design claim system works by first-come-first-serve, your desired design might not be available by the time your character is approved! The meaning behind this character system is that you should focus more about the character itself rather than its visual appearance.
  4. If you decide you no longer want a character after you have chosen a design, but before you have made a reference then you cannot gift the character or design to another player. If you do decide you no longer want your character, please just note the group to let us know and the design you claimed will be moved back into the pool. If you have made a reference and registered your character you can gift them to other players.

The Character Application

Step One – Create your profile

Have you researched which type of character you would like to apply for and read the Where can I Play? page?  Great!  Your next step is to check out the getting started pages.  Make sure you read through Step #2, substep #2 and come back here!


Now that you’ve read up to Step #2, you’re ready to fill out one of the character forms!  RoE, HARPG and OCs each have unique profile forms, so be sure you are copying the correct one!  Linked below are the three formats.  Select your chosen universe’s format and paste it into a word processor of your choice!


Step Two- Submit your Profile

Submit your application to the group via our fancy google form

Our staff will review everything and get back to you with a yay or a nay and some revisions. RoE is a VERY in depth world, so please don’t worry or be offended if the staff ask you to make any changes. We need to make sure all characters are created equal, and all that jazz!


Step Three – Choose a Free Design

Once staff members have given your application the okay, you can then pick a design for your character from the available designs in our Available Design Pool. You have one month (from the time your profile is accepted) to choose a design. Please note that designs cannot be reserved while an application is pending approval. Only after a profile is accepted can a player choose a design, which will immediately be moved from the available designs pool by a staff member.


To see which pool designs are currently available, check out the “Available Pool Designs” tab in the Phae Design Registry.


Step Four – Submit your Reference

Once the character profile has been accepted and you have claimed a design, you may pick up from Step 2 on the relevant getting started page.

Please note that the staff may have some final revisions for you as a new mod will review your application when it hits the inbox, but soon your character will be fully accepted and ready to play!