The Essentials

So you’re interested in making a Phae as an Original Character? Awesome! Welcome to the game! First, let’s do some essentials:

  1. Join the group on DeviantArt – this will make sure you receive the group’s general announcements and be able to submit designs and classifieds.
  2. Read the entirety of this page & all the information under the Welcome page!
    1. Make sure you have read the How to get a Phae page especially! That has information on how to get a design.


What are OC Phae?

OC Phae can live in any universe and in any situation. Can they talk? Up to you! Do they travel through space on a mission to discover new planets? Absolutely, if you want them to! Are they the mounts of a race of pixies whose only purpose is to steal cat food? Potentially so!

As OCs Phae can live in any universe, in any form. They can be any size; as small as a speck or as big as a skyscraper! Their size, lifespan, intelligence, diet, and all other details are entirely up to you! In an OC world, Phae may even exhibit other features, such as wings, phae-taurs, or even have the ability to shapeshift into other forms. There is no limit to your creativity, so long as they continue to resemble a Phae!


Character Creation Process


1. Get a Design

Make sure to go read the How to get a Phae page, as that is the starting point of all character creation in Elaphaea.


2. Starting Point

Every Phae needs a reference to get started.

  1. Create their visual reference. This can be commissioned or drawn yourself.
  2. Copy and paste the form below into your Phae’s profile. You may add more, but must include all fields listed below somewhere.
  3. Fill in the blanks with your Phae’s information.

Easy peasy, right?! If you need help, just note the group and someone will help you out. 


Step 1: Get a Character Reference

Open up your art program, grab your pens and pencils, or contact your favorite artist and create a drawing of your Phae! You can customize their build, mane/tail style and antler shape, but their colors, markings, ears, mane, and tail type must reflect their accepted design. Some appearance options are restricted and can only be applied with a Bacon or Token purchase – a staff member will let you know if you’ve accidentally added a rare trait in the next step.

When you’re happy with the image, upload it to DeviantArt and put the profile form shown below into the artist comments.


Step 2: Copy and Paste Profile Form

Basic Information

Name: (and nickname, if they have one)



Height: (if they are uncommon/freakishly tall, please list that here, if not, please put normal)



Eye Color:

Design Sheet: (link to approved design sheet)



OC Universe: (link to an OC universe here if your Phae belongs to one; to see available universes to join check out this gallery!)

Personality: (include strengths, weaknesses, relationships, must include up to three traits)

Appearance: (include trinkets, scars, etc.)

History: (a minimum of three sentences are needed to count!)



Mane type: (if they have an uncommon or rare mane, please list that here, if not, please put normal)

Tail type: (if they have an uncommon tail, please list that here, if not, please put normal)

Ear type: (if they have uncommon ears, please list that here, if not, please put normal)

Height type: (if they have uncommon or rare height, please list that here, if not, please put normal)


Token or Bacon Purchases:

(please list any token or bacon purchases you wish to apply to your character or have already applied to your character here)


Step 3: Fill out the Profile

On your Phae’s design, there will be a section with “Phenotype” and “Genotype”. Copy and paste those parts into the corresponding blanks on your profile section. 

Additionally, be sure to note if your character has any uncommon or rare species traits in the “Mane type,” “Tail type,” and “Ear type” sections. If your Phae does not have any of these, you should just write “normal” or “none.” Despite OCs having more freedom than either HARPG or RoE, they are still required to make bacon or token purchases for rare species traits.

After your character’s information is all done, submit the deviation to DeviantArt and then submit it to the Realm of Elaphaea group under the OC References folder.


3. Wait for profile acceptance

After you submit your character profile, the OC mod team will review your character and give you any feedback or updates that they might need. Remember a mod is here to help and they are just doing their jobs! Everyone should be polite and courteous throughout the character acceptance process.

Once your profile is accepted, you can start using your new OC Phae!


4. What’s next?

Now you’re eligible to start drawing and roleplaying your Phae! Yay! Continue reading the webpages listed under this category to see what you can do with your Phae!


OC Characters in OC Universes Submission Process

  1. Design must be accepted and uploaded to the RoE-Admin account for a character profile to be created. (except when going through the Design Pool)
  2. The OC Universe journal must be accepted into the group.
  3. The OC character must be accepted into the RoE group gallery.
  4. The OC character can then be submitted to their appropriate group of choice (if applicable; OC worlds do not have to have a group.)
  5. Then RPs may be created and submitted to the RoE group and any corresponding OC Universe group.