About Renegades

Magic Types: Favor (but really any magic, depending on a phae’s origin)

Typical Build: any

Typical Coat Color: any

Typical Horn Type: any

Typical Traits: any

A Renegade is a phae without any connection or loyalty to a herd! These can be outcasts, outlaws, criminals or just phae who didn’t feel like they belonged in the herd they were born into or any other for that matter. They aren’t bound by any herd’s laws and can follow whatever religion or rules they want. These are the most unbound of all the phae – but there are drawbacks to the renegade life! phae with no herd are mostly pushed to the less desirable or more dangerous unoccupied territories and generally aren’t welcomed by most of the herds due to a bad reputation of many renegades being exiles and criminals from other herds.

Location, Territory, and Climate

Renegades go where they please! Or perhaps more realistically they go where there is food and shelter and the herds don’t chase them away. Some territories are more habitable and welcoming than others, renegades will often pick a small island unclaimed by any herd as a home, yet the island cannot be claimed by a renegade or a renegade group as they have no herd to back them up, obviously.



Renegades generally do whatever they please, however there are certain occupations that they are somewhat known for. Renegades may even connect and operate in guilds or groups. These groups usually stay rather small however, as larger groups obviously catch more attention and that’s hardly what a renegade wants or needs in a territory.


Stealing is common among renegades, if you got nothing to lose, you might as well take whatever you please.



Assassins are also not unknown within renegades, some held similar ranks within their former herds, but were exiled for rule breaking. Hiring an assassin renegade is always a dangerous game, for they will all too often easily turn on you.



Renegades are also often entertainers that mingle with other herds. It’s probably the most peaceful occupation for a renegade causing the least trouble.



Renegades often deal in herbs or objects of the more shady kind. They are prone to scam you however, so dealing with a renegade also comes at your own risk.



These Renegades are any renegade without a defined purpose or mission. Some phae are caught up in wanderlust and love to roam the wilds.


Though not all Renegades worship this god, there is a god mostly known among those that travel the isles and have found themselves in trouble or when the loneliness of a long empty road ahead finds them in a moment of quiet.






Aonn is a mysterious and sometimes distant entity for many who need not encounter them. Those who have met the deity know them to be soft-spoken, warm, steadfast, and exuding a calming and dependable presence. They do their best not to involve themself until absolutely necessary and will often not approach an individual but influence things in their environment that might aid in their venture or get them out of a dangerous situation. Through the ages, Aonn has become cautious to present themself directly due to having been previously captured but will sometimes appear as a cloaked unremarkable traveling merchant. If a phae manages to catch on to the fact that Aonn’s mortal form might be a god, he wears a legendary magic item that erases any deific associations from their memory as soon as he leaves their vision.



Aonn the Protector – deity of wanderers, the lost, and survival.

Aonn was born as the son of Utmjir out of the aching cries of the desperate, the lost, and the lonely. Many when backed into a dangerous corner with no one by their side or those who felt forgotten in the vastness of the world around them called out for someone, anyone to listen. Thus, the outsiders and outcasts filled with a longing to fill the void of their pain of the lack of a true home brought forth the creation of someone who was born to remedy the unique and foreign emotion the pantheon struggled to name. It was a deeper, different kind of sorrow and loneliness. Aonn would come to be the sole deity with full understanding of breadth of that feeling and made it his province to alleviate it in all the little ways he could. They are one of the deities who spends the majority of their time present in the mortal realm, taking on an inconspicuous mortal form, and looking for individuals in dire situations where the world has turned from them. He is said to provide protection on treacherous expeditions and many may encounter them without ever realizing that they had an encounter with a divine being. Said to appear when needed most and disappear just as quick, Aonn is the well placed rock in an otherwise deadly river passing or the finding of a cave in the middle of a sandstorm because you thought you saw someone passing by in the distance.


Myths & Legends