Bacon & Token Designs

If you would like to create an entirely custom design, then bacon and tokens are the way to go! In order to make a bacon or token design, you must have bacon or tokens to redeem. Bacon and token designs have different costs depending on what you would like to design.


How do I know if I have bacon or tokens?

Head over to the bacon and/or the token page to see how you can check your bacon and tokens. 

Bacon Points



How much does my design cost?

Visit our Bacon Design Pricing Table to figure out how much your design will cost! 

  1. Go down to the left hand column and choose the row that corresponds to the base you want and make a note
  2. To add genes to the design, move right in the same row and add the corresponding numbers to the base from the genes’ columns that you want. 
  3. When you’re done, take the total number and scroll to the comments at the bottom of the table to see what rarity that design is.


Eg: To find the rarity of a Sooty Mealy Cremello Extended Dun Minimum Countershading (ee/Aa/CrCr/nSty/nDx/nCs)

  1. Start in the chestnut base row +0
  2. Add two additional genes for sooty and mealy +1
  3. Add double cream base +2
  4. Add extended dun +1
  5. Add countershading locus +0

0+1+2+1+0=4 ; The Design is Ultra Rare


Can I combine bacon and tokens to purchase a design?

Yes, you absolutely can! However, not all tokens can be used in combination with bacon to purchase a design. Generally, multiple choice tokens and mutation tokens are the only type of token that can be combined with bacon. A design token may also be used in tandem with bacon, multiple choice tokens, and mutation tokens. The general rule of thumb is: bacon and tokens can be combined where you have the ability to purchase a whole column from the bacon design pricing table.


For example, if you want to purchase a Perlino lilac minimum fawn spot minimum countershading phae (EE/Aa/CrCr/chLchL/nFwn/nCs) and you have bacon enough to purchase the base coat (EE/Aa/CrCr – uncommon bacon), but you also have an ultra-rare multiple choice token and would like to use it to purchase the lilac, that would be an acceptable combination of bacons and tokens.


However, if you want to purchase the same design, and have basic bacon + an ultra-rare multiple choice token + a basic multiple choice token, you cannot purchase the design. Tokens cannot be used to supplement the value of bacon, so your basic bacon and basic token cannot be combined to make the equivalent of an uncommon bacon.


Can I use bacon or tokens to add a mutation onto my fawn design?

Yes, absolutely! Fawn designs follow the same rules as combining bacon and tokens for a new bacon design. You must be able to apply the whole value of the mutation with either bacon or a token.


To see the available mutations to be applied to fawn designs, check the bacon page.


How do I purchase a design?

  • Decide if you want to make a design yourself or get help from another member.
  • If you want to make a design yourself, download the base that works the best for your program here (Bacon Design Lines PSD / PNG) and create your design – hooray! 
    • Do not change or alter the design background.
    • Do not change or alter the hoof or eye bases.
  • If you’d like another member to create a design for you, they need to do the same – download the lines and then create a design using them. You can post a journal asking if a member of the community would mind making the design for you, there are usually some generous members willing to help out! 
  • Here is a guide to designing your own phae: 
  • Upload your design to your
  • Fill out this form:

Registration Number

#0000 (leave blank until given to you by a mod)


Design Details



Eye Color:



Mane type: (put normal unless a trait has been purchased for this design)

Tail type: (put normal unless a trait has been purchased for this design)

Ear type: (put normal unless a trait has been purchased for this design)

Height type: (put normal unless a trait has been purchased for this design)



Played/Owned By:

Designed By:

  • Submit your design through the process outlined on the Design Submissions journal on our admin account and a piggie will come and check it over!
  • You should receive the comments from a design mod, either asking for changes or approving the design. 
  • Respond to the mod in the comments on the journal to work on your design together! Please remember to be polite to your friendly neighborhood design mod! They have a big job that takes a lot of time and energy <3
  • Once the design has been accepted, it will be uploaded to our admin account by a design mod.