Stonemire Politics & Laws

Political System

The primary power in Stonemire is held by the Ard Tiarna, who is effectively the leader of the herd until they are challenged and removed. The Ard Tiarna has a council of advisors consisting of the Tanist, Vate, Maor, Paladin, and Cosáin. The Ard Tiarna and Tanist are determined through trials and challenges, while the Vate, Maor, Paladin, and Cosáin are elected from among their respective ranks.


How to Become a Ruler

Because the herd places the utmost emphasis on physical strength, the Ard Tiarna of Stonemire must win their position through challenging the current leader to battle. However, strength of body is not the only thing that ought to be considered. Strength of mind is considered equally important for Stonemire’s leaders, and they must prove themself as worthy by passing additional leadership trials at some point in their life. The trials may only be attempted three times each. If the candidate does not pass the trials by the third try, they may not complete the challenge 

The trials are as follows:

  1. The Dedication Trial
    1. Prove your loyalty to S’ral and the herd by taking a trek to each of the beacons that sit atop the key peaks of Ironcrag. A prospective leader must successfully climb to each beacon and spend time with the beacon’s guardians.
  2. The Labyrinth Trial
    1. The Labyrinth is an ancient maze carved from stone in one of the oldest mines near Ebonvale Redoubt. Its original use is not known, but it now serves as a test of mental fortitude. Few are brave enough to dare testing the maze, as it is completely dark. One must rely on senses other than sight or physical strength to pass through the winding path. Many have perished along the way, and bones of the failed can be found in lonesome corners.
  3. The Logic Trial
    1. Near the Labyrinth is a sliding stone puzzle set within the floor of an open cave that can be arranged in a particular pattern to open up a secret compartment at the center containing a medallion. This medallion must be presented to the current Vate as proof of completion. The Vate manages and resets the puzzle each time it is completed.
  4. The Strength Trial
    1. After passing the three previous trials, the candidate may then challenge the current Ard Tiarna to battle. If they defeat them, they become the new Ard Tiarna.

The Tanist is similarly determined, as they must defeat the prior Tanist in battle. However, they do not have to complete all three of the leadership trials to become eligible for the position. To be eligible to become the Tanist, a phae must complete at least one leadership trial. Both the Ard Tiarna and the Tanist may hold their position as long as they remain unchallenged. There is also no wait period for a challenge to take place, so it is possible to have multiple position changes in a short time.

The Vate, Maor, Paladin, and Cosáin are all elected positions. Each is elected from within their respective area ranks, and serves a term of three years. At maximum, they may serve two terms. These can be consecutive or have space between them.

To read more on the requirements for these ranks, check out the Ranks & Leadership page.


Herd Laws

  1. S’ral is to be respected and revered, always.
  2. The mountains were created as a haven to shelter the herd from danger. They should always be home, and to forsake them is to forsake S’ral’s gift.
  3. Fawns are the future of the herd, and they should be kept safe before all other herd members. 
  4. It is a great honor to bear and raise a fawn. All parties involved in a fawn’s conception and birth are expected to raise them to adulthood.
  5. All members of the herd must prove their strength when they come of age and use their strength in service to the herd until they are no longer able. Weakness only weighs the herd down, and each member must be responsible for their contribution.
  6. Loyalty to Stonemire should not be questioned. To abandon your loyalties is to betray the whole herd.
  7. The Lowlanders are criminals and blasphemers who don’t deserve thought let alone assistance. Don’t go out of your way to help them.


Punishment System

Punishments in Stonemire are strict and direct. The expectations of the herd are clear, and if crimes are committed, phae can expect to serve time working the worst jobs in the mines, face public ridicule, banishment, or, in the worst cases, execution.


Minor Crimes & Associated Punishment

  • Causing minor physical injury to another herd member
    • Two seasons of hard labor in the mines
  • Neglecting the duties assigned to your rank
    • One season of hard labor in the mines
  • Not gaining the approval of a partner’s parents before becoming mated
    • Hardcore disapproval from the rest of the herd
  • Neglecting the raising of a fawn
    • Two seasons of hard labor in the mines


Major Crimes & Associated Punishment

  • Failing to pass the Travail
    • Permanent exile to the lowlands
  • Abandonment of a fawn or purposefully placing a fawn in harm’s way
    • Permanent exile to the lowlands
  • Adultery
    • Four seasons of hard labor in the mines
  • Causing major physical injury to another herd member, murdur, or other severe physical crimes
    • Permanent exile to the lowlands
    • Execution
  • Espionage or treason against the herd
    • Execution
  • Abandoning your post; especially if stationed at a beacon
    • Permanent exile to the lowlands
  • Blasphemy against S’ral
    • Permanent exile to the lowlands


Means of Conviction

Phae accused of a crime will be subject to a public trial before the herd and the herd leaders. During trials, members of the herd may present evidence of guilt or innocence. It is the job of the entire herd to weigh the evidence, determine guilt or innocence, and cast their vote for guilt or innocence. If a phae is determined to be guilty, another vote will be held to determine their punishment if there are multiple punishment types for the convicted phae’s crime. After trial is complete and the sentence has been given, the convicted will be given into the care of the military to ensure their punishment is carried out.


Means of Imprisonment

Those who are punished to work in the mines for any number of seasons are watched over by guards as well as the ranked miners. Otherwise, Stonemire gets a good deal of amusement out of banishments. As they wash their hooves of criminals, they also force their presence on the splintered Lowlander herd. What’s one more criminal to a herd full of criminals?