What is grandfathering?
Generally, grandfathering refers to a policy that allows an old rule to continue to apply to existing cases or individuals, while a new or different policy is applied to future cases or individuals. In the context of the Realm-of-Elaphaea group, grandfathering will allow previously existing fawnling design to be transferred into a phae design for free without needing to change the design to reflect the design rules of this group. All designs brought into RoE from the fawnlings group will be dubbed “grandfathered designs”.

How do I grandfather a design?

To grandfather in previous fawnlings, a few guidelines need to be met!
If they were a previously registered Fawnling character:
  • The design needs to match the old Fawning design – meaning they need to be considered the same design from a glance.
  • Some minor alterations are allowed. Some hue change, edits to the markings, design style considerations etc. If you have any concerns, feel free to ask before you submit or let a mod help you after you submit the design to the queue.
  • If the original design deviation no longer exists, then it needs to match the previous reference
  • If the Fawnling had an uncommon mane, tail, or ears – they may be grandfathered in for free. Make sure to mark it in the form! We need all documentation to be easily available so we can be sure to give you all your purchases back.
  • All previous fawnling designs may claim the uncommon “lion’s tail” for free. Please let us know if you want to claim this through the design submission form linked below.
If they were designed, but a character was not registered:
  • The design needs to match the old Fawning design – meaning they need to be considered the same design from a glance.
  • Some minor alterations are allowed. Some hue change, edits to the markings, design style considerations etc. Any concerns, feel free to ask before you submit!
If they were not designed, but a breeding was registered and confirmed by the group:
  • They may still be brought over using the old genetic set of its parents, but be considered a starter in Elephaea
  • They may bring over any random or inheritance rolls they received
  • Make sure to note this in the form you submit as well

Steps to Grandfather a Design

Step 1:

  • Move all the designs you wish to bring over onto our new starter lines! (Found HERE)
  • Every design that is brought over will be considered a starter in our group – so that means any lineages will be cleared for the main group, HARPG and OC! Thus, all designs need to go on the starter bacon lines.
  • You may reference our gallery for gene updates to help you figure out the new genotype for your phae.
  • We also have a nifty Q and A to help you figure out the new genes for your design! Check it out HERE.
  • Check out our Phae marking guide to further help you figure out your Phae’s marking genotypes.
  • We also have a short guide to all of the Phae coat color genetics. Your genotypes need to match the genes listed in this document.

Step 2:

  • Upload your design to
  • In the description section, fill out the following form:
Registration Number
#0000 (leave blank until given to you by a mod)
Design Details
Eye Colour:
Mane type:
Tail type:
Ear type:
Height type:
Played By:
Designed By:
Original designed by: (if known)
Link to Original Design: (required)
Token or Bacon Purchases
Purchase Log: (if applicable)
  • Please fill out this form to the best of your abilities. If you need help with your phae’s new genotype or phenotype, we are happy to assist! Make sure to note if your character is bringing over any mane, tail or ear types, as those may be grandfathered into Elaphaea.

Step 3:

  • Submit your design through the process outlined on the Design Submissions journal on our admin account and a piggie will come and check it over! We might need to do some genotype or phenotype editing to get them to work, but we will try to get them through without needing to be edited.
  • To see how many designs you have that are accepted, registered, and given a design ID, check out our design registry look-up tool.

Step 4:

  • A mod will upload your design to the @RoE-admin account in the bacon designs folder.
  • All designs will now be tracked through @RoE-admin so that we can make updates, changes, etc as necessary.
  • Once they are uploaded to the admin account, you can import them into any of our three worlds once they are open and ready! Have fun! <3

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my new character be able to keep their stats from the Fawnlings group, too?

When designs are grandfathered into our RPG (Realm-of-Elaphaea), they will bring over all their stats they earned in the Fawnling group through purchase or RP! You just need to provide proof in the form of a previous character reference with appropriate documentation at the time of character registration.


Can I grandfather a design if I want to significantly change it from the previous design?

If a design is changed away from the original design or you want to significantly edit it, then the design will need to be purchased with bacon or tokens and will be considered a completely new design and character in RoE, meaning they cannot bring over any previous stats, rarity rolls, or other purchases. They will essentially be considered a completely brand new design and character.


If I grandfather in a design with the free lion’s tail, do all of the characters made from that design have to have the lion’s tail?

No, not all characters have to have the uncommon tail! If you prefer, you can keep the default white-tail deer tail. Also, the unlock for an uncommon tail is general, so you can have any uncommon tail on any version of your character that you desire.


Even though all grandfathered designs are considered new and unrelated, can I keep family lineages when I make my characters?

Absolutely! For the sake of registering designs, we are not tracking lineages, but if you want to implement them for your characters in-game you are more than welcome to!


If I won a character from one of the ‘Go Wild’ auctions (or other auctions) back in Fawnlings, can I still bring over all the tokens that were going to be added to that character?

You sure can! We will help you to move that character over and get you any and all tokens that are similar in our RPG.


Will we be able to add carriers to our designs when we grandfather them?

Right now, no. However, carried genes can be purchased and added to a design at any time, so you will be able to do so later once we open up token and bacon purchases.


If I had a breeding that was submitted through the breeding form in Fawnlings, but the breeding was never finalized, will I be able to grandfather that design in?

Yep! Anything that was submitted to the breeding form can still be designed based on the genes of the previous parent designs. Make sure you provide the breeding proof in the grandfathering form so that we can check it over for you.