How to Breed a Phae

Members get 5 breedings per month, which may be divided between TEA, HARPG and OC worlds as they desire.

Breeding is always open for HARPG and OC characters (unless the OC world says otherwise). In TEA, rut occurs in Leafturn and Frosthold – breeding is closed outside of these seasons.


Step One: Find some Parents

Find a stag and doe of breedable age. This can be a stag and doe that:

  1. Both belong to you
  2. Both belong to other players that have agreed for you to use their Phae
  3. One belongs to you and one to another player that has agreed for you to use their Phae


Additionally, both parents must:

  1. Be registered with the Realm of Elaphaea group. One, or both, parents cannot be non-playable characters (NPCs)
  2. Be sexually and mentally mature (5 years old is our rule of thumb)
  3. Have a roleplay accepted into the group. This applies to RoE, HARPG, and OC phae

These guidelines apply to all phae universes (TEA, HARPG, and OCs).

If you don’t have a phae yourself, you can…

  • Check references for phae in the group to see if any have an ‘open’ breeding status
  • Send a note to your friends asking if they might consider lending you their phae for breeding
  • Create a ‘wanted’ journal advertising and asking for a suitable stag and doe for your breeding
  • Reply to a journal offering a breeding to a stag or a doe


Remember: Be polite to other members about breedings, and if the owner of the phae you want to breed says no, please respect that and ask somebody else instead! Additionally, please don’t go spamming lots of users with breeding requests. Read character profiles thoroughly and check player journals for available phae.


Step Two: Create a Breeding Proof

The Breeding proof is exactly what it says on the tin – proof that the breeding took place! This can be any of the following:

  • A roleplay between the two phae which leads up to the deed – we don’t need the details, please. Remember this group is PG-13.
  • A roleplay where the doe mentions what has happened, or thinks about how she’s now pregnant – this can be a story with just the doe, or the doe and others.
  • An image of the doe and stag together in a suitably romantic pose (cuddling, touching noses, etc). Again, we don’t want to see the deed itself. Keep it PG-13 friends!
  • Anything else that essentially proves the breeding took place!


Breeding proofs may be literature or artwork based roleplays. Literature breeding proofs should be 400 words minimum and artwork based breeding proofs should be a colored headshot with a background at minimum.


Step 3: Submit your Breeding Request

In order to keep the design and breeding mods organized, we’ve made a handy dandy Google Form for members to use to submit breedings! Follow the steps as outlined on the form.



Make sure that:

  • both parents have an accepted reference
  • both parents have an accepted roleplay
  • your breeding has been submitted to the group.
    • your breeding will not be confirmed unless the image is accepted!
    • you have submitted your request properly with all required fields


Step 4: Await Breeding Confirmation

If all is well, a breeding mod will leave a comment on your breeding proof with a date of birth! If anything is off, however, we may ask you to edit or change a few things. There may be a delay in receiving a confirmation comment if one or both of the parents is awaiting an Advanced Magic Check – but you can check the lookup tool for past and present breedings in case you start to worry that the breeding did not go through.


Step 5: Design your Fawn

As soon as the breeding is confirmed, you can start to design your fawn on our fawn lineart. Check out the How to Design a Fawn page for more info! After the design is approved, you can still change details such as name and sex, but not the phenotype, genotype or design.


If you need help designing your baby, you can always ask around the group or put up a journal asking for help – many members love designing phae and will be happy to help out!


Step 6: Create a Reference

Once your design has been approved by our Design Mods, you can create a reference for your new baby! To create your baby phae, follow the instructions listed on the appropriate universe’s page:


As soon as their confirmed birthdate is passed you can submit your fawn’s reference to the group! 




Twins, Height Differences, and More

Certain breedings carry higher risks than others. These risks could range from birth defects, to disorders, or death. We use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to decide if there are complications. These circumstances are elective, meaning players must specifically ask for these events to occur or be rolled if there are RNG chances involved.


Twins or Triplets

Does have the option of having twins or triplets. There are no risks associated with multiple births. Twins and triplets must be purchased with bacon or tokens. Twins cost Rare bacon while Triplets are a legendary purchase. The exception to this is when a doe has extreme fertility, who will typically have twins.

If you are purchasing twins or triplets, or the doe in the breeding has extreme fertility, please make sure to check that box when submitting the form in Step 3.


Height Differences

When a very large manstag breeds with a small and dainty doelady, the poor little flower may not be able to cope with the stresses of producing such a large baby. This condition is called dystocia. In the real world, large babies can cause serious complications even for humans – and we have modern medicine to help with giving birth!


If you breed a doe to a stag who is 5hh or more taller than her, you risk the following:

  • 20% chance the mother will die when giving birth
  • 20% chance the mother will become infertile/suffer complications when giving birth
  • 20% chance of death for the fawn
  • 20% chance the fawn will suffer from complications/ill health


If you do decide to breed a much taller stag to a much smaller doe, you will be informed by one of our Breeding Mods what the result of the RNG is. Once the RNG has been rolled, the result cannot be undone, eg if your doe dies giving birth, it’s too late to change your mind!


What about tall does and small stags?

Because the fawn she’ll be carrying is that much smaller than her, the doe won’t suffer any complications – and neither would the fawn. Hooray!

Premature Fawns

Fawns may be specified as “premature”, and will be born before they are entirely ready. These fawns will be born one IRL week earlier than other fawns conceived on the same day, and will come with a minor defect rolled by RNG. You can find the premature defects listed in the Illnesses, Diseases, and Conditions guide.


Fawns Born to Older Does

Does begin to lose fertility at age 35 and lose it entirely by the age of 40. A fawn conceived by a doe between these ages will come with a minor defect rolled by RNG. These defects are the same as the premature defects listed in the Illnesses, Diseases, and Conditions guide.




Extra Rolls

Want to try your luck at getting something extra tasty to add on top of your fawn? These rolls might be for you! These rolls do not carry risk unlike the rolls above, but some have specific criteria to meet. All the following rolls are totally optional. For example, if one of your fawns rolls for freakishly tall, you can decide whether or not your fawn will display that trait as long as the fawn has not yet been registered.


Inheritance Rolls

Any species traits that can be purchased with bacon or tokens for phae also have a chance of being passed to their offspring. These are rolled randomly and fawns have a higher chance of inheriting a trait if both parents display the same trait! Inheritance rolls only apply when a parent displays one of the following traits.


Fawns can inherit any trait or coat mutation that their parents have (see the Morphology page for traits and the Phae Colors page for coat mutations). If a fawn is born into TEA, they also have a chance to inherit any locked magic types their parents possess (healing, corrupted, etc).


The traits that a fawn can inherit:

  • Uncommonly Tall
  • Freakishly Tall
  • Uncommon Mane
  • Rare Mane
  • Brindle
  • Chimera
  • Somatic
  • Uncommon Tail
  • Uncommon Ears
  • Albino
  • Birdcatcher Spots


One of the parents must have one of these traits for the fawn to be eligible to inherit it! The chance of inheriting a trait is as follows:


Trait/Magic rarity Uncommon Rare Ultra Rare Legendary
One parent has a trait 10% 6% 4% 2%
Both parents have the trait 20% 12% 8% 4%



Additional notes:

  • When it comes to manes, tails, and ears, the fawn will inherit the type the parent has, or, in the event both parents have different traits of the same rarity, then you may pick which one the fawn inherits.
  • Traits stick to the design, not just the character! If an uncommon or rare trait is inherited, it can be displayed on any form of that design in any universe.
  • There is a slim chance (5%) for a fawn with parents with different uncommon manes to be born with the corresponding rare mane.
  • If you rolled a trait through inheritance but chose not to keep it, please make it clear on the design that you wish to discard the roll! Make sure to fill out the Inheritance section accurately, since that is the mod’s reference to your choices.


Stat Point Inheritance

Because stats are critical to the world of TEA, fawns born in TEA can inherit stats from their parents as an additional boost on top of their base build stats. Physical stats, herbology, and crafting receive scaled bonuses based on how many stat points the parents have in each category, while magic is inherited as a blanket roll.

Physical stats, herbology, and crafting stats are inherited at 20% of each parent’s stat. Inherited stat points are always rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Magic is randomly rolled from 50% of the lowest parent’s magic to the highest parent’s magic.


For example, suppose a fawn’s parents have these stats:

Parent 1:

Agility: 50

Endurance: 40

Fortitude: 60


Herbology: 40

Crafting: 80

Inborn Magic: 100

Learned Magic: 25 *


Parent 2:

Agility: 23

Endurance: 45 

Fortitude: 68


Herbology: 28

Crafting: 15

Inborn Magic: 30

Learned Magic: 25 *


The resulting fawn would inherit:

Agility: (10 from Parent 1 + 5 from Parent 2) = +15 Agility

Endurance: (8 from Parent 1 + 9 from Parent 2) = +17 Endurance

Fortitude: (12 from Parent 1 + 14 from Parent 2) = +26 Fortitude


Herbology: (8 from Parent 1 + 6 from Parent 2) = +14 Herbology

Crafting: (16 from Parent 1 + 3 from Parent 2) = +19 Crafting

Inborn Magic: (Parent 2 has the lowest magic, so the fawn would be rolled from 13 to 100; RNG says they inherit 45!) = +45 Magic

Learned Magic: * because learned magic is learned in a phae’s lifetime, fawns will not inherit any stat points from their parent’s learned magic. Only inborn magic stats may be passed on from parent to offspring.

Note: Age and build caps still apply, so even if a fawn inherits a large number of stats from their parents, they will still have to unlock the capability to use them through aging.


Random Rolls

Feeling a bit adventurous? You can elect to have your fawn rolled to potentially receive a trait or coat mutation! There is no guarantee that anything will be rolled, but it is always fun to try! As with other rolls, these are entirely optional and if you do not like the roll you receive, you do not have to keep it. 

Fawns can randomly roll any trait or coat mutation (see the Morphology page for traits and the Phae Colors page for coat mutations). If a fawn is born into TEA, they can also be randomly rolled to recieve a locked magic type (healing, corrupted, etc).

The following traits can be rolled for:

  • Uncommonly Tall
  • Freakishly Tall
  • Uncommon Mane (any type)
  • Uncommon Tail (any type)
  • Uncommon Ears (any type)
  • Rare Mane (any type)

All random rolls have the same chance to be rolled, depending on their rarity on the bacon scale.

The chances of randomly rolling a trait are as follows:





5% 3% 2%



If you rolled for a random roll but choose not to keep it, please make clear on the design that you wish you discard the roll by properly filling out the Inheritance section on the design’s form.



Reclaiming Fawns 

Under certain conditions, we allow the owners of a fawn’s parents to reclaim designs. When breeding a fawn from another player’s character, you are automatically agreeing to this group policy.


While we understand that it is hard to see a baby from your phae inactive, we ask that parent players be patient and understanding with the fawn’s owner. Make sure you check with them and have a conversation before you do a reclaim so that someone isn’t surprised out of the blue with their fawn being taken.


Outside of these two policies, the group does not and will not perform offspring reclaims. If a fawn has a registered reference, but the owner goes inactive, that character is owned by that player and we will not remove them from their owner’s ownership.


Mother’s Rights


To make sure that every fawn baby is active and loved, we have a ‘Mother’s Rights’ policy. If:

  • there is no fawn design posted six months after the fawn’s confirmed birth date OR
  • the fawn has no reference posted a year after of their confirmed birth date


Then the owner of the fawn’s mother has the right to ‘reclaim’ the fawn. This means they can decide whether the breeding was successful, if the mother miscarried, or they can reclaim the fawn as an active character and choose to play it themselves.


If you would like to put Mother’s Rights into play on a fawn that your doe has given birth to, then please send a note titled “Mother’s Rights” to the group making sure you include the following form:

Dam: (include a link to the phae’s reference)

Sire: (include a link to the phae’s reference)

Breeding Proof: (include a link to the breeding proof)

Proof of Contact or Attempt contact: (No out of the blue surprises)

Fawn Design (if one has been created):

What do you want to do with this fawn?: (please choose from: breeding was not successful, mother fell pregnant but miscarried, claim as my own character)


Father’s Rights

If a fawn has no reference and Mother’s Rights have not been put into play more than a year after the fawn’s due date, then Father’s Rights come into play.


The Father’s owner cannot decide that a fawn has died, breeding was unsuccessful or there was a miscarriage – however they can reclaim the fawn to play as their own character.


If you would like to put Father’s Rights into play on a fawn that your stag has fathered, then please send a note titled “Father’s Rights”  to the group making sure you include the following form:

Dam: (include a link to the phae’s reference)

Sire: (include a link to the phae’s reference)

Breeding Proof: (include a link to the breeding proof)

Proof of Contact or Attempt contact: (No out of the blue surprises)

Fawn Design (if one has been created):


What to do with a reclaimed fawn

Any reclaimed fawns will need to be redesigned by the reclaimer or the player receiving the reclaimed fawn. The reclaimed fawn’s accepted design may be used by the reclaimer only if the fawn’s original owner gives them permission. 


Why are we doing this? As we said, the team has thought long and hard about the subject. We have thought about design IP and what that means. How might the absent player feel to come back and find a design they lovingly made reclaimed after an unexpected disaster? So, to prevent hard feelings, we want the reclaimer to redesign the fawn so that, if the original owner returns, they may reuse the old design.

What is the process for submitting a reclaimed fawn design? After you have sent your reclaim note to the group, with the form filled out with all the appropriate information, please wait for a mod to reply to your note confirming the reclaim of the fawn and giving you permission to redesign it. Once you have the ok, go ahead and jump back up to Step 5 on how to design your fawn. When you are happy with your newly designed fawn, use the same steps to upload your design into your stash with the fawn design form filled out with the new information. After being uploaded into stash, and information added, reply to the mod in your reclaim note. DO NOT REPLY TO THE FAWN JOURNAL! Your new design will have the same design ID# as the reclaimed fawn. To avoid confusion and your new design accidentally being IDed wrong, your new design will be processed through the reclaim note sent to the group. These are the only designs that will be handled this way to avoid confusion.