Where can I Play?

Phae can exist in three universes. Each design can be used for a character in each of the three universes.


The only exception to that rule is that HARPG and OC fawn designs must be unlocked before being used in the RoE RPG.


You can play in all or one of the universes. Most members have a preference and tend to play in one more than the others, but the choice is up to you! Below is a quick description of each, the differences between them and the pros and cons compared to the others.


The Realm of Elaphaea RPG

Coming soon!


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Original Character (OC) Worlds

OC phae are created in a world of your choosing. The universal laws are yours for the making! You can invite friends to make an OC with you and play out your phae adventures with unlimited options. 


The downside is that you need to do the work to maintain your world, and only the people you invite to play with you can do so. If you are looking for an experience where you have the most control over your world and story, then the OC option is best, however if you are looking for a more social experience and to play with people you haven’t met before, then the RoE RPG may be more to your liking.


While you are welcome to make an OC character that exists in a stable much like an HARPG phae, keep in mind that OCs cannot breed with HARPG type phae or participate in the group championship point system. If you intend for your character to exist in a competitive environment, you may want to consider having them be a HARPG type phae instead.


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Horse Art Role Playing Game

Phae are available for use in your HARPG stables. In a nutshell, HARPG is all about your stables, and competing with the animals you put there. Phae are a species well suited to show jumping and racing, and could make an exotic edition to your stables! They also make excellent endurance or companion animals!


HARPG is an established game played by thousands of people on deviantart, so you won’t be short of people to play with. You do not have to join or be a member of any group outside of phae to have a HARPG type phae.


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