Special Positions

**NOTE: All special positions are currently closed for challenge until further notice!**

Special positions are the highest achievable ranks within a herd and often require a certain amount of player/character activity to achieve and hold. 

Many positions are challengeable when a special position holder becomes inactive for an extended period of time and some are only challengeable once elections are held.

To challenge a special position or enter in an election, players must write up an in-game speech made by their character towards their herd with their motivation for applying for the position, why they are eligible, and their plans for the herd (within the confines of their role) should they be elected. Once submitted to the group, the player must fill out the corresponding special position form through google forms. 

Depending on the special position, the candidates will then be subject to a herd vote, votes from other special position holders and/or a behind the scenes mod vote or random roll (reflecting the opinions of the herd’s NPCs). 

Read more about different herd’s Special Positions and how to apply for them in the following pages:

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Challenge Status Key:

(AO) = Always Open for Challenge

(IO) = Inactive, Open for Challenge

(AX) = Active, Closed for Challenge

(XX) = Election Only


Current Special Position Holders:


  • Primary – NPC Superior Alykhan [He/They]
  • Regent – NPC Superior Serapha [She/Her]
  • Steward of Magicka – NPC Noble Quorra [She/They]
  • Steward of Trade – NPC Regal Ophir [He/Him]
  • Steward of Militia – NPC Desertfolk Tema [She/Her]
  • Steward of Erudition – NPC Regal Yael [They/Them]
  • Imperial Enchanters
    • None



  • Arch Magister – NPC Enon [He/They]
  • Grand Masters 
    • NPC Donai [He/Him]
    • NPC Tarvair [He/They]
    • NPC Zanteu [She/Her]
    • NPC Vatil [She/Her]


  • Ad Tiarna – NPC Egon [He/Him]
  • Tanist – NPC Ceit
  • Vate – NPC Iàcob
  • Maor – NPC Manas
  • Paladin – NPC 
  • Cosáin – NPC Eilidh


  • Tigerna – NPC Adira [She/Her]
  • Grand Cordon – NPC Oleander
  • Ollamh – NPC Evia
  • Apothecary – NPC Fendrell
  • Knight of the Realm
    • NPC Sir Hordland
    • NPC Iad Vane
    • NPC Dame Gerina
    • NPC Iad Telry


  • Jarl 
    • Snowever – NPC Jarl Ulfric Stonebearer [He/Him]
    • Brumehaven – NPC Jarl Astrid Sky-eye [She/Her]
    • Chillbarrow – NPC Jarl Helvard Whaletooth [He/Him]
    • Skyreach – NPC Jarl Rorick Windrider [He/Him]
  • Thane
    • Snowever – 
      • NPC Thane Solgg Fish-render [He/Him]
      • NPC Thane Ronene Gull-crier [She/Her]
  • Brumehaven 
    • NPC Thane Olfiva Lightclaw [She/Her]
    • NPC Thane Loddan the Earthbreaker [He/Him]
    • NPC Thane Eldasta Light-ringer [She/Her]
  • Chillbarrow 
    • NPC Thane Matli Silverhammer [She/Her]
    • NPC Thane Una Whitehare [She/Her]
    • NPC Thane Olrand the Eaglespeaker [He/Him]
  • Skyreach
    • NPC Thane Sigurd Silvercap [He/Him]
    • NPC Thane Ysolda Fairshod [She/Her]
  • Val-Tivar
    • Snowever – NPC Val-Tivar Markus Bearbreaker [He/Him]
    • Brumehaven – NPC Val-Tivar Kyr Brightwater [He/Him]
    • Chillbarrow – NPC Val-Tivar Nura Strongbow [She/Her]
    • Skyreach – NPC Val-Tivar Fenrig Wolfcoat [He/Him]
  • Sage – NPC Breya Flowermane [She/Her]


  • Chieftain – NPC Divya [She/Her]
  • High Priestess – NPC High Priestess Rajani [She/They]
  • Jaguar’s Fang – NPC Tvesa [She/Her]
  • General – NPC Raakan [He/Him]
    • Second – NPC Khama [She/Her] – Raakan’s Sister
  • Commander – NPC Polos [He/Him]
    • Second – NPC Hina [She/Her] – Partner
  • Abundant – NPC Ena [She/They]