About Roleplaying

Roleplay (or, RP for short) is an essential part of getting your character active within the Realm-of-Elaphaea group!  Whether it be fights in RoE, a collaboration for a show entry in HARPG or a fun get-to-know-you in your OC world, role-play is a way to interact with and befriend others in the group!


Everyone roleplays in a different way and RoE accepts all levels of literacy and experience!  Roleplays do need to meet certain requirements to earn things like skill points, Universe Points or Championship Points but otherwise the only limit is your imagination!  Roleplays can take place in any of the RoE universes.  


How do I start roleplaying?

Roleplaying is easy peasy!  We have a few helpful tips to get you on the path to interacting with other characters.


How to find or arrange a roleplay:

There are several ways for you to RP!  Check out our list for some ideas:

  • Solo RPs are usually used to get a feel for the character you are playing or to show aspects of their past!
  • Ask some friends who are already in the group with accepted characters to help you out!  
  • Post a journal seeking RP partners to the Realm-of-Elaphaea group!  Check just below for more information on how to do this!
  • Look at posted journals in the “Plot Requests” folder in the RoE gallery to find partners!  Again, check just below for more information.

Posting a Searching for RP Journal

All you need to do is put the link to your new character reference into a journal, make a few notes on what sort of plots you’re looking for and then submit it to the “Plot requests” folder in the Realm-of-Elaphaea dA gallery.


Usually someone will reply, but if you don’t get a nibble, head to the Plot requests folder itself and see what other people are requesting, there might be a request there already that your character might fit. Don’t be afraid to comment on profiles of characters you would like to play with either (unless there’s a note on their profile that they’re closed for RPing).

How to Roleplay

Once you’ve got a partner, you’re ready to go! The following steps should get you started.


  • Determine a date and location to set the RP. Usually RPs are set in the present; resist the urge to set RPs in the future because you don’t know what might change in the world that is outside of your control! A good location would be any that is accessible to both characters. Here are a few examples and tips:
    • HARPG phae are likely to meet at shows or stable events!  Consider setting a meeting up around one of those to start off.
    • OC phae may behave more like the RoE characters, like HARPG characters or entirely different!  Since OC worlds and phae are so diverse, settings are much more open to you.
  • Consider what you want to accomplish with the RP. Are the two characters just meeting and striking up a friendship? Are they encountering an enemy and starting a fight? Or you can just throw them together and see what happens!
    • If you’ve looked at Plot Journals, chances are you will already have an idea of where you’d like to go! Make sure you’ve discussed big ideas with your RP partner and be sure they agree with what you want to do.
  • Most writers use a turn based format. One partner will write a section of text describing what their character is doing. The second partner then writes a section responding to that, and back and forth until the piece is concluded. Alternatively, some people choose to do roleplays through art pieces (solo or collaborated) with each new piece depicting a character’s reaction or the next situation the characters may face together!
    • Check out the various roleplay folders in the RoE gallery for ideas and formats!
  • Keep in mind some roleplaying etiquette:
    • Godmodding
      • Don’t control, injure or force anyone else’s character to do something without permission from that character’s owner.  It’s always best to ask first!
    • Response time
      • Refrain from constantly messaging or bugging another player about responding to your role-plays.  It’s okay to ask a few times, but don’t be rude about it!  Use your manners.


Don’t forget to bacon the people you roleplay with! Bacon means you’re having fun and appreciate the other player for taking the time to develop relationships between your characters.  Show your appreciation with a slice of salty goodness!


Have you finished a roleplay and are ready to submit?  Great!  Continue on to the About Submissions page to see how to submit your roleplay!