The Champion System

The Championship Point System

The HARPG Championship System (CP) is built to help HARPG phae expand and explore beyond the creation of references and breeding. This means that HARPG phae can earn points for taking part in shows, ranking in said shows, going through training, or even being present in stories about their lives around the stable! Only personal art and collaborations done by the phae’s owner may earn points towards this system. Things like commissions and gift art do not count for CP.


The CP system is entirely optional! You do not have to use the system if you do not want to, but it is a great way to earn bacon points to spend on your phae!


Earning Points

Your phae may earn CP through both written roleplays and art, with points being earned based on how much of your phae is showing or how many words you have written! Show entries, training or working pieces all count for the following:


Art Base Points:

+1 CP for headshots

+2 CP for partial body

+3 CP for full body 


Art Bonus Points:

+1 CP for including a handler (must be more than 50% shown)


Literature Base Points:

+1 CP per 300 words

For example:

+1 points for 300-599 words

+2 points for 600-899 words

+3 points for 900-1199 words

+4 points for 1200-1499 words

. . . and so on!



Show Placement Points: (may only be awarded to entries that are partial body or more or meet minimum literature requirements)

+3 CP for placing first

+2 CP for placing second

+1 CP for placing between third and fifth

+1 point for any special placement (Show Champion, Judge’s Choice, Best in Show, etc.)


General Bonus Points: (stacks on both art & literature base points)

+1 CP for including another species (can by any non-phae species)

+1 CP for collaborations 

+1 CP for stable life images (must be happenings at the stable; cannot be competition entries)

+0.5 CP for Approved Effort Show entries

+? for Group Show entries (points will be specified on the show journal, provide a link when counting this CP)


Shows versus Stable Life:

Stable life CP counts towards anything your phae is doing at your stables or visiting another stable. These should not include anything about shows or being at shows, and are meant more for personal interactions with neighboring stables or affiliates. Stable life pieces can be training pieces, working pieces, or any other piece that shows your phae doing their daily tasks. These can even be showing phae in an occupation that is different than showing, such as a service-animal phae.


Art Piece Requirements

Each show or training/working image must be colored or have clean lineart and must have a simple background. All art pieces are required to have a background. Backgrounds may be self-drawn, premade backgrounds or photo manipulations, the latter two requiring appropriate credits.  All art must be created in-part (collab) or in full by the owner of the phae to earn points.  Backgrounds should not be reused and should have several distinct elements – a gradient or solid colored background does not count.

While we do not allow CP sheets (several unrelated images on a single page to earn CP), we do allow for comics! In comics, each panel is counted as a separate piece as long as it follows the other rules listed above for art pieces and displays a continuous story. 

Art and literature can be combined to earn CP. In this case, the bonus points do not stack, but count collectively across the art and literature pieces.


Literature Piece Requirements

Words are counted per phae in a role play, not as a collective count between all phae in the role-play.  Each character must have a minimum of 300 words to earn points. 300 words is also the minimum requirement for show entries. The CP earned through writing is gained by all characters who play a significant role in the piece. A significant role would be something which would change the piece in a drastic way if they were not there. For example, two characters who go on a walk together and have a conversation would earn full CP but a character who is merely mentioned as they pass by would not gain CP. For example, say you write a literature piece that is 2,500 words with two active characters, and a third character who makes a brief appearance. 2,500 words earns 8 points. The two prominent characters would both earn +8 CP, but the third character would earn +0 CP since they were only mentioned.

In roleplays between multiple players, the word count applies to your own writing, not the entirety of the piece. In stories written by a single player, the CP can be earned by all phae who play a significant part in the story, which means they must actively influence the flow of the story and the story would not be the same if they were removed.

Art and literature can be combined to earn CP. In this case, the bonus points do not stack, but count collectively across the art and literature pieces.


Recording and Validating Points

Please use a journal, google document, a file, or the body of your phae’s reference (or another organized system that mods can easily access; you may not use comments to organize your CP. Sheets submitted with comments as proof will be rejected until reformatted.) to collect a record of each piece your character appears in. Each record should include:

  • A link to the art or literature piece
  • A link to the show entered (if applicable)
    • The entry’s placement (if applicable)
    • If more than one class or round is listed in the linked results, please indicate which one your phae participated in.
    • Any special placement received (if applicable; include proof of award)
  • Total of points earned

Format Example:

  • 6 CP – 1266 word individual literature [link] + inclusion of another species [link to species reference]

Once you’ve tallied and double checked your math, you may submit your character through the CP validation form to have your CP count validated! 

In order to have your CP validated, make sure the piece is accepted into the group. Anything not accepted will not be validated.



Championship Points: Levels and Rewards

Novice – 20 CP – basic bacon

Junior – 40 CP – uncommon bacon

Champion – 60 CP – rare bacon

Grand Champion – 80 CP – ultra-rare bacon

Ultimate Champion – 100 CP – legendary bacon


Redeeming Championship Points

Once your CP have been validated through the group, it will be added to your bacon bank as bacon points!  You can claim CP system prizes the same way you claim a bacon reward! 


Unlocking Designs

Once you have reached Novice, you may unlock a HARPG-born design for RoE & OCs! Typically, validation mods will unlock this for you at the point of validation, but if they have forgotten or you want to unlock a design through bacon or tokens, don’t hesitate to send a note with the following format:

Note Titled:  OC CP Unlock for [NAME]


Reference: (link here)

CP Tracker: (link here)

Method to unlock: (CP, bacon, token, etc.)