Discord Server

Elaphaea uses Discord as one of our main methods of communication
alongside the dA group. To keep up to date on sneak peaks, news, and fun member
interactions, come join the discord!

Click the icon below to join!


Our Discord has some simple rules to follow. These rules are
basically the same as our group rules. 

Rule 1: Be nice! 

Be nice to everyone; members and admins, people present in the chat, and people not present. This is the most important rule! Disagreeing is okay but keep it civil and drop the topic if people become uncomfortable or if anyone asks you to. We also ask that you keep more personal life topics to the #life-chat or venting/seeking comfort topics to #comfort-room. #general-chat is for general fun chatter. Try to keep it lighthearted and friendly!


Rule 2: Be respectful!

Our chats are not a place to badmouth members who are not present, RPG groups, or really any person at all. If someone was to find out that you were talking publicly about them behind their back, it probably wouldn’t feel too good. This is not a place to generate resentment or bad vibes. 

Additionally, all people no matter their gender, religion, nationality or orientation are welcome in this community. The codeword is friendship. We are an inclusive community and will not tolerate behavior to the contrary.


Rule 3: Be courteous to the Mods!

Just because a Mod is online does not mean they are on duty! Please don’t bother the Mods to share information that is not already public or pressure them to do Mod work.

While our Discord is available to ask questions and get some quick answers, we always recommend using official group communications over Discord messages. If you have a big question, please note our group and let any on duty Mods take care of it.


Rule 4: Have fun!

This is a place to have fun and enjoy yourself, so please do!


Rule 5: Be responsible!

This should go without saying, but in any online forum it is important to be responsible with your personal information. Don’t share private information and be sure to safeguard yourself against those who might mean harm.