Herds of Elaphaea

Herds of Elaphaea

As it currently stands, there are 5 distinct herds within the Realm of Elaphaea. Each of the herds occupy a specific territory on the Eastern Archipelago, with a number of undisputed/neutral islands. Renegades also roam the lands freely and often settle in more dangerous areas that are free from herd influence or risk getting chased away. Many herds have come and gone over the ages, with some having been erased from history seemingly entirely due to the many wars and area disputes, some deliberately erased from records. 

Take a look at the following short summaries for a quick overview for a herd that might be a good fit for your character!

Important Note: Each character to join a herd will receive a free Herd Emblem of a material reflecting their rank, given to them during character submission that will be replaced with one of a rarer material when they move up in rank. These emblems will be gifted as tokens to the player tied to that character.

  • It is common knowledge within the Isles that anyone who travels around as a member of a herd must wear their Herd Emblem somewhere visible on their body to identify them at a quick glance.



A herd of largely monastic scholars living on the Shattered Isles. These Phaea are religious, rational, intelligent, somewhat hypocritical, and largely accepting of others. They tend to value the pursuit of study and self-development above all and are sometimes blind to the nuance of social conflicts due to their sometimes logic oriented black-and-white thinking. 

The main magic types within the herd are Illusionism and Empathy, with their corrupted forms being Leech and Formchanger. They tend to have a slight, lean, or balanced build and coats of purple, black, silver, and blue hues are popular.

Mirroweld Main Herd Page



Vinelocke are both a very spiritual and advanced society in terms of medical treatment. In the modern world, one would easy consider them biochemists, doctors, and medical researchers. They are the first to make significant advancements in the curing and understanding of many illnesses and continue to find new and innovative ways to use the materials at their disposable to create new methods or study old ones. They have a deep respect for the value of life and nature, which is what drives them in their advancements. Their herd is divided into different tribes with each their own focus, overseen by a Chieftain.

The main magic types within the herd are Earth and Poison Magic, with their corrupted forms being Stoneskin and Poisonskin. They tend to have a lean, balanced, or sturdy build and tend to find dark coats with a lot of markings desirable. 

Vinelocke Main Herd Page



The Phae of Dawnspire are incredibly resilient, business savvy, and place great value on family and work ethic. Their society has a complicated class system with nobility being at the forefront of society. Ever a proud people, they relish in accomplishments and believe in the value of celebration to balance the strain of hard work. Though their underlying social rules can be difficult to navigate, they are very keen on recruiting outsiders into their herd and thereby double down on hospitality and accommodating others to extreme extents. 

The main magic types in Dawnspire are Fire and Wind magic, with Ash and Telekinesis as their corrupted counterparts but many different magic types can be found there as they view magic as power and a tool for prosperity. They tend to have slight to lean builds and value beige, golden, red and brown hued coats as beautiful with dark coats being seen as elegant but impractical and pink skin pitied for their propensity for sunburn.

Dawnspire Main Herd Page



Stonemire values strength above everything. Because of living and working for over two centuries in the mountains that S’ral raised for their protection, they have become a hardy and thrifty herd. They believe that any phae who is strong enough should be able to survive the harsh climate of the snow-covered peaks. They tend to be closed off to much of the outside world given their remote location and general distrust of outsiders. However, they do have a large piece of the worldwide trade in ore and precious gems, as they run the largest mines known to phae-kind. They also have a strong relationship and brotherhood with Helmfirth, as they supply much of the materials needed to build their boats and homes.

Stonemire has no magic that is known to the other herds, as they seem to have lost their ability to connect with the Aether centuries ago. They tend to be sturdy and furry phae of hardy builds to better survive the frigid temperatures of their mountain home. They tend to prefer coats that are pale or likened to rock, stone, and snow.

Stonemire Main Herd Page



The Lowlanders are a recently formed splinter of the Stonemire herd. Born out of conflict, they tend to rebel against many of the traditions of Stonemire. As such, they are far more keen on valuing all kinds of strength, not just strength of body. They are accepting of everyone and have made especially close relations with Vinelocke to the south.

Like the main herd, the lowlanders have no magic to speak of. Lowlanders are a real hodge-podge collection of appearances, as they don’t tend to judge much on a phae’s appearance. However, brown and lilac coats do tend to be popular as they blend in with the marshy, heather covered landscape.

Lowlanders Main Herd Page



A hardy people who inhabit a hostile land, the phae of Helmfirth are beings of grit and raw ambition. Known far and wide for their expertise in ship crafting and sea faring, they know the ocean for the sheer force of nature it is and their hearts call to it. 

The main magic types are Lightning and Water, with their corrupted forms being Shield and Ice respectively. The Phaea of Helmsfirth tend to have a sturdy or stocky build and view white, grey, light, and earthy coats as most appealing.

Helmfirth Main Herd Page



Renegades are a truly varied lot and no generalizations can be made about them as a collective due to the nature of, well, being a Renegade. Nomads, wanderers, adventure-seekers, hermits and the like, they are the freest Phae of all. If, having to constantly be on the lookout for danger can truly be called free.

Renegades Overview Page